Do you struggle to find a pair of glasses that can keep up with your roaming lifestyle? If so, we've got you covered with the new Wiley X Climate Control Series. This new series from Wiley X is the swiss-army-knife you've been looking for to keep you looking good and protect your eyes from anything that might come their way. Whether you are up skiing in the mountains, cruising through city streets on your motorcycle, or enjoying a warm drink on a cold, windy day, the versatility of the Climate Control Series will keep you on the go.


Wiley X has designed these frames to keep debris out of your eyes, while at the same time keeping you comfortable. With multiple different features that allow you to adapt to any situation, your glasses won't be slowing you down.


Climate Control Series Break-Down

1. Foam Gasket
2. Safety Rating
3. T-PEG Elastic Strap
4. Added Accessories
5. Sneak Peak


Foam Gasket

Wiley X Climate Control Series Foam Gasket

Removable Foam Gasket

All of the Climate Control Series frames allow for the insert of a foam gasket to keep wind, dust, and other debris out of your eyes. The gasket is very simple to use, you can snap it in and out as needed. Worried that the insert will wear out? No problem. If yours becomes damaged, or if it wears out with age, it is easily replaceable at a low cost. No need to buy a whole new pair of glasses!

Safety Rating

If you are looking for high-performance, the Climate Control Series will not disappoint. With a safety rating of Z87-2, you will be protected from high impact. The frames and lenses will be marked with the rating, and the safety rating will stay constant, whether you add an insert to your frames or not.

T-PEG Elastic Strap

T-PEG Elastic Strap | Climate Control Series

T-PEG Elastic Strap

Taking on an intense task and want to crank things up a notch? You will love the option of adding a T-PEG strap to your frames. Certain Climate Control Series models have a built-in hole by the temple that give you the option to strap in. The strap is one of a couple of accessories that come with your order. Once you are set, you'll never have to worry about losing your glasses, keeping you focused on what you're doing. Easy to attach and detach, you won't spend 10 minutes trying to get yourself ready. Two clicks and you are in business.

Added Accessories

Wiley X Climate Control series frames come with a couple bonus accessories. Along with your glasses and your T-PEG strap, you will get a cleaning cloth, leash cord, and a clamshell zipper case. You will have everything you need to customize your glasses just the way you like them.

Sneak Peak

Here is a look at a couple models that the Climate Control Series has to offer. Go check out the rest of the collection and see what you think!

Wiley X Gravity






Wiley X Gravity

Wiley X Gravity in Black Crystal with Blue Mirror Lenses

The Wiley X Gravity is one of the most popular frames in the Climate Control Series. A medium fit frame, the Gravity is a great baseline model for anyone looking to try out this series. The rubber, texturized, grips will keep your glasses in place, and for you thrill-seekers out there, these frames will fit perfectly with any sort of helmet.

Shop Wiley X Gravity

Wiley X Airrage

Wiley X Airrage

Wiley X Airrage in Grey Lens and Matte Black Frame

The Wiley X Airrage has been a staple of the Climate Control Series for a decade. Better for those who like a small fit on their glasses, the Airrage can be worn in any situation. The frames are safety rated like the rest of the series and they will be able to keep up with your busy life.

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