There’s nothing worse than going through life with blurry vision. If you struggle with astigmatism, then you know what we’re talking about. To help make life a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of our picks for the Top 7 Best Women’s Prescription Glasses for Astigmatism!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look For in Women’s Prescription Glasses for Astigmatism
C. Top 7 Best Women’s Prescription Glasses for Astigmatism
1. Oakley Frogskins Rx
2. Kate Spade® Benedetta
3. RAEN Marin
4. Maui Jim MJO2207
5. Costa Pacific Rise 310
6. Ray-Ban® RB7140
7. SPY® Crossway Optical
D. Prescription Women's Glasses at SportRx

Video Review

Join Stephanie as she highlights our picks for the best glasses for astigmatism. For more on each frame, continue reading!

What to Look For in Women’s Prescription Glasses for Astigmatism

Astigmatism happens when there is an imperfection in the curvature of your eye’s lens or cornea, and is usually present at birth. It causes blurred vision, and may occur in combination with nearsightedness and farsightedness. Instead of having a round eye curve, astigmatism causes the surface to be more egg-shaped. In turn, light rays form two different images, causing distorted vision. This can make day-to-day activities and tasks difficult.

Correcting astigmatism can come in the form of proper prescription eyeglasses. Glasses compensate for the mismatched curves in your eye and provide clear visibility. Eyewear can also alleviate other symptoms common with astigmatism, including eye fatigue and strain, hazy spots in vision, and headaches.

Addressing astigmatism means finding the best prescription glasses for you. Continue reading for a couple key things to consider when finding the right eyewear for you and the best women's prescription glasses for astigmatism.

Lens Technology

The most important detail with prescription glasses is the lens. Proper lenses and technology are going to provide improved clarity and reduce eye fatigue. Additional features to keep an eye out for include anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistance, and the ability to filter out harmful lights. Thankfully, many brands have created their own top-of-the-line lens tech that we’ve included on our list!

Frame Technology

All the frames on our list deliver on quality frames. Key features to look for are lightweight materials, such as Oakley’s O Matter™ and bio-resin frames. Having lighter weight glasses makes them easier to wear throughout the day and reduces possible eyewear distractions. Additionally, frame hinge technology ensures your glasses stay put and are comfortably secured.

Top 7 Best Women’s Prescription Glasses for Astigmatism

Oakley Frogskins XS Rx

One of Oakley’s most popular sunglass frames also comes in prescription eyeglasses! The classic frame of the Oakley Frogskins is made from the brand’s O Matter™ material, making it lightweight and incredibly durable. The Plutonite® lenses block 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, as well as blue light.

Oakley Frogskins Rx Satin Black

Oakley Frogskins XS Rx Satin Black

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Oakley Frogskins XS Rx Key Features

  • Oakley’s O Matter™ material is lightweight and durable
  • Three-Point-Fit balances the pressure of the frame between nosebridge and temples
  • Plutonite® lenses are impact-resistant and lightweight
  • Hard coating prevents lens abrasions
  • Frame style is flattering on all face shapes
  • SFW: 120 (Women’s S)

Kate Spade Benedetta

The thin, sleek frames of the Kate Spade Benedetta are perfect for any occasion as they are equal parts fashionable and functional. The adjustable nosepad allows you to customize the fit, while the spring hinges and bent temples of the Benedetta offer a secure hold.

Kate Spade Benedetta Matte Brown

Kate Spade Benedetta Matte Brown

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Kate Spade Benedetta Key Features

  • Adjustable nose pads allow for a tailored fit
  • Spring hinges provides security and stability
  • Fashionable thin frames
  • 4-base curve can take a higher prescription
  • SFW: 125 (Women’s S)

Raen Marin

The gentle cat-eye design of the Raen Marin is unique and will make you stand out. The acetate frame is lightweight, making them perfect for everyday wear. The 5-barrel hinge technology makes the Marin durable and sturdy, allowing them to stand the test of time.

RAEN Marin Women's Eyeglasses

RAEN Marin in Brindle Tortoise

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Raen Marin Key Features

  • Acetate frames are lightweight and easy-to-wear
  • Bent temples provide a secure fit
  • 5-barrel hinge technology makes the frames durable
  • REXY award winner
  • SFW: 127 (Women’s M), 130 (Women’s M)

Maui Jim MJO2207

The classic square frames of the Maui Jim MJO2207 feature a saddle-style bridge, Sea Fan wire temple cores, and bent temples. The real winner of this frame are the lenses. The Blue Light Protect technology prevents eye strain and fatigue caused by staring at digital screens, and the High Contrast lens technology enhances color and contrast. Maui Jim’s other lens tech, MauiBrilliant™, masters the balance between the optics clarity and lens weight.

Maui Jim MJO2207 Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2207 in Milky Almond & Tortoise with Sea Fan Core

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Maui Jim MJO2207 Key Features

  • Part of Maui Jim’s Acetate Collection
  • Maui Jim Blue Light Protect lenses filter out harmful blue light
  • Maui Jim High Contrast lenses reduce glare and enhance color contrasting
  • MauiBrilliant™ lenses are versatile and ideal for everyday use
  • SFW: 130 (Women’s M)

Costa Pacific Rise 310

The Costa Pacific Rise 130 frames are perfect for your day-to-day. The trendy cat-eye style fits multiple face shapes and the Hydrolite™ rubberized grips on the temples and nosepad offer optimal comfort. The bio-resin frame is lightweight and comfortable.

Costa Pacific Rise 310 SHINY TAUPE CRYSTAL - CLEAR

Costa Pacific Rise 310 SHINY TAUPE CRYSTAL - CLEAR

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Costa Pacific Rise 310 Key Features

  • Hydrolite™ rubber grips prevent slipping and get tackier as you sweat
  • Adjustable nose pads to customize for best fit
  • Bio-resin nylon frame is easy to wear all day
  • Fits multiple face shapes
  • SFW: 133 (Women’s L)

Ray-Ban RB7140

Make a statement in a pair of Ray-Ban RB7140 eyeglasses! The unique frames are made up of thin metal temples and injected molding. The nose pads are lightweight and adjustable, and the lenses feature an anti-reflective coating. Ray-Ban Authentic Lenses are also compatible with RB7140 frames.

Ray-Ban RB7140 Women's Eyeglasses

Ray-Ban RB7140 in Transparent on Blue

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Ray-Ban RB7140 Key Features

  • Anti-reflective coating minimizes glare
  • Frame is compatible with Authentic Lenses, which repels water and oil
  • Bent temples provide a secure hold
  • Covered temple tips for a comfortable wear
  • REXY award winner
  • SFW: 133 (Women’s L), 137 (Women’s L)

SPY Crossway Optical

A modern look paired with a classic shape, the SPY Crossway Optical is a must-have. This classic design offers a familiar shape while providing a bold silhouette. The acetate frame material is lightweight and won’t weigh you down throughout your day.

Shop SPY Crossway Optical

SPY Crossway Optical Key Features

  • Frame design is flattering on all face shapes
  • Standard hinges provide familiar comfort
  • Bent temples offer an optimal fit
  • 4-base curve
  • SFW: 141 (Women’s XL)

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