As the snow continues to pour down, sunglass Rob and Tyler go over some of the best goggles from Spy Optics this season! All 4 of the goggles featured in this video will come with two Spy Happy lenses. One of the lenses will have a darker tint for those bluebird days, and the second lens will have a lighter tint for those cloudy days. We understand how important sizing is when picking a goggle, so we got you covered with a goggle from each size: S,M,L, and XL. Rob and Tyler give an in depth analysis on each Spy goggles sizing, comfort, technology, and features in the video below.

Best Spy Goggles 2018

1. Spy Legacy
2. Spy Bravo
3. Spy Marshall

Spy Legacy Goggle


Spy Legacy Prescription Goggles

Old School White with Red Spectra lens, Spy, Legacy, Snow goggle

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The Spy Legacy goggle comes in two different colors: Old School White and New School Black. The Old School White has the vintage Spy logo on the side of the strap. Theses goggles feature the Finger Print, Finger Free Lock Steady 2.0 Interchangeable system. The Legacy also comes with 2 Spy Happy Lens, which is Spy’s color enhancing technology for better contrast. The goggle is considered a medium to large fit, but it has an oversize look that has been popular this season.


  • Fit: M, L
  • Triple Layer Foam
  • Ventilation System
  • Lock Steady 2.0 Interchangeable System
  • 2 Spy Happy lenses
  • Helmet Compatible

Spy Bravo

Spy Bravo Prescription Goggle, Spy Goggles

Stacked Pink with the Happy Dark Blue Spectra lens, Spy,Bravo, Snow goggle


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The Spy Bravo is considered by Rob as the “Smaller Doom” because of the similarities it has with the Doom goggle, except it is a true medium fit. It features the Lock Steady interchangeable system and has that oversize look, but it is much more low profile than the Doom. The goggles come with 2 Spy Happy lenses that are made with anti-fog and scratch resistant coatings. The Bravo goggles also have the silicone-ribbed strap to make it compatible with almost all helmets on the market.


  • Fit: M
  • Lock Steady Interchangeable System
  • Triple Layer Isotron Face Foam
  • Silicon Strap
  • 2 Spy Happy Lens
  • Helmet Compatible

Spy Marshall Goggle

Spy Marshall Prescription Goggle

Hunter Red with Happy Dark Blue Spectra lens, Spy, Marshall, Snow goggle


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The Spy Marshall

goggle is the smallest goggle of the 4 featured in this review. It features a scoop vent system to help fight fog and help with circulation while your shredding down the mountain. The Marshall does not have the Lock Steady interchangeable system, but you still can switch out the lenses. This goggle does feature the polyurethane frame to help with durability, and it has silicon-ribbed strap to make sure it is helmet compatible.


  • Fit: S,M
  • Scoop Vent System
  • Silicon Strap
  • Polyurethane Frame
  • 2 Spy Happy Lens
  • Helmet Compatible

Prescription Spy Goggles

Stop letting OTG (over the glasses) goggles interfere with your performance. You can shred down the slopes with ease and optimal clarity by simply adding an rx insert to your goggles. All four of the Spy goggles: Legacy, Doom, Bravo, and Marshall are compatible with our inserts that can be custom made to your prescription. If you have any questions regarding the goggles or prescription inserts, please contact one of our certified opticians and we will take care of the rest.