Take on the upcoming snow season with the best SPY goggles of the year. With so many high-performance goggles to choose from, SPY Optic didn't make it easy on our Sports Opticians for curating this year's lineup. A mix of tried-and-true styles and brand new designs, these are the must-haves for joining the rest of your gear. Continue reading to discover the top 3 best SPY goggles of 2021–2022!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look for in SPY Snow Goggles
C. Best SPY Ski & Snow Goggles of 2021–2022
1. Marauder Elite
2. Marshall
3. Legacy
2020–2021 Lineup
D. SPY Prescription Goggles Online at SportRx

Video Review

What to Look for in SPY Snow Goggles

When wearing SPY snow goggles, you know you're in for a good time. Their goggle technology is designed to help you enjoy the ride with clear vision and style. Let's quickly review how SPY integrates various frame and lens technologies into its designs.

Frame Technology

While SPY goggles may have different designs, there are a few key features we find in all SPY snow goggles:

  • Triple-layer face foam that features Dri-Force™ fleece for extra comfort & fog-free vision.
  • Adjustable, silicone-lined straps secure your goggles in place, even when flying at high speeds.
  • Wide field of view to ensure you have a clear view to spot take-offs and landings with ease.

Lens Technology

With a proprietary lens technology called Happy™, it's hard not to smile when wearing SPY snow goggles. Here are a few ways their lenses will help you enjoy the view:

  • Happy™ lenses enhance contrast and colors, while also elevating your mood.
  • Anti-fog coating is applied internally for all-day clarity free from distraction.
  • Interchangeable lens systems allow you to get the perfect tint and coverage — at all times.

Best SPY Ski & Snow Goggles of 2021–2022

Now, that we're familiar with SPY goggle tech, let's check out this year's lineup!

Marauder Elite

Coming straight from the depths of the SPY lab, the new Marauder Elite is ready for action. This performance-packed goggle features a toric lens with ARC® technology. This Accurate Radius Curvature has a unique tapered design for superior clarity and distortion-free vision. Swapping Happy™ lenses is made easy thanks to the Deadbolt™ lens interchange system. Featuring magnets and lever locks, you can change out lenses in no time and then ride confidently that they'll stay in place.

SPY Marauder Elite snow goggles in teal strap with bronze and silver mirror shield lens.

SPY Marauder Elite in Colorblock 2.0 Teal with Happy™ Bronze with Silver Spectra Mirror Lens

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SPY Marauder Elite Key Features

  • Toric ARC® lens provides maximum optical clarity & distortion-free vision
  • RISE™ ventilation system draws out hot air to prevent fog
  • Deadlock™ lens change system allows for easy & secure lens swapping on-the-go
  • Includes bonus Happy™ lens
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx


We couldn't do a best of SPY goggles lineup without the Marshall. This snow goggle continues to be a favorite season after season. Inspired by the look of fighter blast shields, the scoop ventilation system will keep your vision clear, even when breaking a sweat. Similar to our previous goggle, the Marshall also features ARC® tech but in a sleek spherical lens. This shape mimics the geometry of your eyes to reduce fatigue and distortion, so you get the best view out on the mountain.

One key difference to keep in mind? The Marshall features a traditional lens interchange system. Once you give it a shot, you'll find it's rather simple. However, if frequent lens swaps are your thing, you may be happier with the ease & speed of the Deadbolt™ system in the Marauder Elite.

SPY Marshall snow goggles in matte black with dark blue mirror Happy lens.

SPY Marshall in Matte Black with Happy™ ML Rose with Dark Blue Spectra Mirror Lens

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SPY Marshall Key Features

  • One of the most popular SPY snow goggles
  • Compatible with the most helmets in the market
  • Spherical lens features ARC® technology for reduced fatigue & distortion
  • Traditional interchangeable lens system is simple to work but not as fast as the Deadbolt™ system
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

SPY Legacy

If you struggle to find a snow goggle that fits, you'll find a generous fit in the SPY Legacy. This is the largest goggle of our lineup and is considered a Large to Extra-Large. Despite the larger size, this goggle has one of the sleekest designs with a low-profile frame. The spherical ARC® lens will give you huge peripherals and features Happy™ lens tech, so you can effortlessly visualize your lines.

For the SPY Legacy, you can easily swap lenses thanks to the Lock Steady™ 2 quick-change system. With a simple push of a button, you can change out the tint according to the lighting conditions. And if you're one who can't stand the sight of fingerprints on your shield, not to worry. The Lock Steady™ 2 is fingerprint-free!

SPY Legacy snow goggles in dark gray with silver mirror lens.

SPY Legacy in Colorblock 2.0 Dark Gray with Happy™ Bronze with Silver Spectra Mirror Lens

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SPY Legacy Key Features

  • Largest fit in our lineup of the best SPY snow goggles
  • Spherical ARC® lens gives huge peripherals, free from distortion
  • Lock Steady™ 2 quick-change system is fingerprint-free & as simple as a push of a button
  • Includes bonus Happy™ lens
  • Available with prescription insert at SportRx

Best SPY Ski & Snow Goggles for 2020–2021

Want even more recommendations? Check out the previous year's lineup below!


Kicking off our list, the SPY Ace goggles are packed with everything you need for a comfortable, fog-free, thrilling snow day.

SPY Ace snow goggles

SPY Ace in Colorblock Gray with HD+ Bronze & Red Spectra Mirror

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Note: SPY Ace is sold out for this season.

SPY Ace Key Features:

  • Quick Draw lens change system
  • Superior Injected Curve (SIC) dual lens prevents fogging
  • Scoop ventilation system & triple-layer face foam also work to keep fog off the lens
  • Flexible & durable polyurethane frame
  • Comes with 2 Happy lenses
  • Helmet compatible with a silicone strap
  • Prescription ready!

SPY Marauder

A new goggle from SPY, the Marauder takes on the mountain with confidence. Tough enough to endure multiple seasons, these snow goggles are packed with all the latest and greatest SPY tech to bring you a whole new view.

SPY Marauder

SPY Marauder in HD Red/Yellow Spectra Mirror lens

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SPY Marauder Key Features:

  • Deadbolt lens interchange system utilizes a clip and magnets for quick yet sturdy swaps
  • Superior Injected Curve (SIC) dual lens prevents fogging
  • RISE ventilation system pulls air from behind the lens to ensure a fog-free experience
  • 45mm strap makes these even more comfortable and helmet-compatible
  • Happy lens technology boosts color and contrast
  • Prescription ready!

SPY Legacy

Last on our list, the SPY Legacy is a big goggle. Rob has a big head and says they're almost too big for him to wear. If you love that oversized, spherical lens look, these are the goggles for you.

SPY Legacy snow goggles

SPY Legacy in Eric Jackson and Happy Bronze with Red Spectra Mirror Lens

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Note: SPY Legacy is sold out for this season.

SPY Legacy Key Features:

  • Spherical lens for crystal-clear optics
  • Anti-fog coating
  • Low-profile design ensures good peripheral vision
  • Fingerprint-free Lock Steady 2.0 lens interchange system requires only the push of a button and clips the lens securely into place
  • Comes with 2 Happy lenses
  • Helmet compatible with a silicone strap
  • Prescription ready!

SPY Prescription Goggles Online at SportRx

Need prescription SPY snow goggles? Done. We have SPY prescription inserts readily available to match your goggles with a seamless fit and superior optics. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize your perfect Rx insert. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription SPY goggles.

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