What is the best sports prescription eyewear for children?

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Sports Prescription Eyewear for Children
Safe prescription frames for our children, especially for sports, is very important. There are a few key things to consider when selecting Youth Protective eyewear:

Strap or Temples?
We want it to be comfortable. Depending on the sport, there may be a helmet involved and in that case, we need to consider having a strap in place of the usual temples.

Impact-resistant Lenses
Our lenses are polycarbonate, which are lightweight and safety rated impact-resistant, making them the best lens choice. Each pair of Rx Lenses is customized to the individual’s specific prescription needs and sport conditions.

Safety-standard Frames
Now that we have the lens part covered, it’s all about finding the right frame. Even with just rambunctious playing around, kids will easily break a normal frame that’s not designed for impact and durability. So frames to consider must offer comfort grip, protect against impact, and be recognized to meet or exceed the strictest American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements.

Best Sports Eyewear for Kids
Rec Specs and ProGear are our go-tos for Youth and smaller children’s sports frames. They’ve got it down. They’ve made excellent frames with a strap, with hard temples, and lots of color choices. All of the frame designs meet ANSI standards, so they’re certified, safety-approved. Get ‘em at SportRx. We’ve got you covered.