Does your child favor all sports equally? It can be a challenge to shuttle your little one around from soccer to baseball practice, let alone take care of their prescription needs for each one. Parents of active kids, this lineup is for you! Our Sports Opticians have put together a list of 2022’s best kids’ sport sunglasses that work perfectly for any activity.

Table of Contents

A. Video Overview
B. What to Look for in Kids' Sports Sunglasses
C. Best Kids' Sport Sunglasses of 2022
1. Julbo Rookie 2
2. Oakley Flak XXS
3. Wiley X Swift
4. Under Armour Playmaker Jr
5. Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr
D. Best Kids' Sport Sunglasses of 2021
E. Shop Kids' Prescription Sport Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Video Overview

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he introduces the best kids' sport sunglasses of 2022! Read on to learn more about the frames.

What to Look for in Kids' Sports Sunglasses

This post will cover the three most important features to consider in your kid’s sport sunglasses: impact-resistance, rubber grip, and UV protection. However, if you’d like a more in-depth guide, be sure to check out our Kids' Glasses Buyer's Guide.


Whether your kids are playing soccer, basketball, or monkeying around on the playground, accidents can happen in mere milliseconds. Protect their eyes from potential impacts and injuries with durable frames and lens materials. Sports Opticians recommend frames made of nylon, Grilamid® TR-90, or Oakley's O Matter™. For lenses, stay away from glass and opt for materials like polycarbonate, Trivex, or Oakley's Plutonite®.

Safety ratings are also another great way to ensure optimal protection. For kids' sport sunglasses, keep an eye out for ASTM F803-certification, which specifically protects against eye injuries during high-impact sports.

Rubber Grip

One look at your family's laundry, and there's no doubt that kids get sweatier than even the most active adults. Traditional glasses don't stand a chance against their energy and will slip and slide with every movement. Instead, select youth sport sunglasses with rubber grip to keep your child's frame securely in place.

UV Protection

Did you know children's eyes are exposed to three times more UV rays than adults? And that 25–50% of sun damage happens before the age of 18? As their eyes are still developing, it is crucial to encourage children to wear sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection.

Not all lenses are created equal, so opticians recommend investigating the percentage of UV protection before committing to a pair of sunglasses. You won't have to do that for any of the frames on this page, though! Every frame in our lineup of the best kids' sport sunglasses delivers 100% UV protection.

Best Kids' Sport Sunglasses of 2022

Let's get into the top picks!

Julbo Rookie 2

Your little adventurer will be ready to hit the trails in the Julbo Rookie 2 youth sunglasses. This 8-base frame provides UV protection from all angles and a wide field of vision. Built-in side shields and thick temples create extra sun coverage from peripheral light, so their vision remains distraction-free. Furthermore, the generously sized Spectron lenses will give them an unobstructed view of their environment. Made from durable polycarbonate, Spectron lenses offer good shock-resistance and make them suitable for all sports.

Julbo Rookie 2 kids sport sunglasses in violet with rose pink lenses.

Julbo Rookie 2 in Dark Violet with Spectron 3CF Lenses

Shop Julbo Rookie 2

Julbo Rookie 2 Key Features:

  • 8-base wrap around design creates a wide field of vision
  • Built-in side shields & thick temples provide extra peripheral protection
  • Temple tip slots make this a leash-compatible frame for extra frame security
  • Rx-able
  • SportRx Frame Width: 122 (What is SFW?)

Oakley Flak XXS

If you're an athlete yourself, chances are you're already familiar with the best-selling Oakley Flak Collection. The XXS version is the smallest within the frame family and is a perfect fit for your tiny athletes. It features the same Oakley performance treatment as the adult frames, such as lightweight O Matter™, impact-resistant Plutonite lenses, and contrast-enhancing PRIZM™ lens technology. It also has Unobtainium® rubber grip, which gets tackier the more your child sweats. Because when they're giving it their all on the court, the last thing they need is a slipping frame to break their concentration.

And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, the Oakley Flak XXS features an interchangeable lens system that is Rx-able! With a simple swap of the lens, your child can have the best tint for afternoon practice or an evening game.

Oakley Flak XXS youth sport sunglasses in navy blue with PRIZM red orange lenses.

Oakley Flak XXS in Poseidon with PRIZM™ Ruby Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak XXS

Oakley Flak XXS Key Features:

  • Impact-resistant O Matter™ frame & Plutonite® lenses
  • Unobtainium® rubber grip gets tackier the more they sweat
  • 8-base wrap provides maximum coverage & a wide field of view
  • Interchangeable lens system with Rx-able PRIZM™ lenses
  • SFW: 126

Wiley X Swift

A member of the Wiley X Youth Force Collection, the Swift is a new release from this global leader in safety-rated eyewear. The Wiley X Swift earned an ASTM F803-rating, which signifies that it passed high-velocity impact-resistant testing. The durable nylon frame features a semi-rimless design with shatterproof Selenite™ lenses. Rubber grip along the nose pads and temples provide extra frame staying power while also increasing comfort. Finally, an optional strap can be quickly snapped on during game time — or anytime to help them keep track of their sunglasses.

Wiley X Swift kids sunglasses in black with blue mirror lenses.

Wiley X Swift in Graphite with Blue Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Swift

Wiley X Swift Key Features:

  • ASTM F803-certified to withstand high-velocity impacts
  • Shatterproof Selenite™ lenses prevent eye injuries & provide superior optical clarity
  • Optional strap can be easily attached for extra frame security
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 126

Under Armour Playmaker Jr

Your child will look like their favorite pro athlete when wearing the Under Armour Playmaker Jr. These 8-base youth sport sunglasses have everything one needs in a performance frame. From full-wrap coverage, to rubber grip and contoured lenses, the Playmaker Jr is the frame that doesn't quit. Its TR90 nylon construction is ultra-lightweight and durable enough for the occasional tumble. It also houses fully adjustable ArmourGrip nose pads, so your aspiring professional gets a perfect fit that stays comfortably in place.

As for the lenses, your child's vision will stay fog-free thanks to their unique contoured design. They're also interchangeable and Rx-able!

Under Armound Playmaker Jr sunglasses in matte grey with violet orange mirror lenses.

Under Armour Playmaker Jr in Matte Jet Gray with Infrared Mirror Lenses

Shop Under Armour Playmaker Jr

Under Armour Playmaker Jr Key Features:

  • Ideal for little ones with sensitive skin, thanks to the hypoallergenic TR90 construction
  • ArmourGrip nose pads & temple tips keep frame securely in place
  • Fully adjustable nose pads create a custom fit
  • Rx-able interchangeable lens system
  • SFW: 126

Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

Rounding out our lineup of the best kids' sport sunglasses, we've got the performance-packed Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr. Made from durable nylon, the Skylon Ace XV Jr is perfect for virtually any sport or outdoor activity. Ventilated rubber nose pads absorb shock and encourage air flow for fog-free vision. The deep cut lenses also reduce fogging, while providing maximum coverage from harsh UV rays. An interchangeable lens system allows your kiddo to swap Nike MAX Optics lenses based on lighting conditions or sport. And when you're the one taking them to their next game, one do-it-all frame is one less thing to remember!Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr kids' sport sunglasses in black with green mirror lenses.

Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr in Matte Black/Rage Green with Grey/Green Mirror Lenses

Shop Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr

Nike Skylon Ace XV Jr Key Features:

  • 8-base nylon frame is durable, lightweight, & excels in any sport
  • Ventilated rubber nose pads decrease fogging & absorb shock
  • Interchangeable lens system for the perfect level of tint at all times
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 127

Best Kids' Sport Sunglasses of 2021

For even more frame recommendations, check out last year's lineup of the best kids' sport sunglasses of 2021!

Oakley Flak XS

If you're familiar with sports sunglasses content, particularly from us, this first one should come as no surprise. The REXY-nominated Flak XS is a youth-sized version of Oakley's Flak 2.0 XL. This means it has all the same great features in a smaller package!

Oakley Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS in Matte Black with PRIZM Black Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS Key Features:

  • Interchangeable lenses combined with PRIZM™ lens tech make for an all-in-one pair of sunglasses.
  • O Matter™ frame is lightweight yet durable enough to handle a little roughhousing.
  • Unobtainium grips keep the frame in place.
  • Best fits ages 7–13.
  • SFW: 128

Oakley Quarter Jacket

While fairly similar to the Flak XS, the Quarter Jacket has a few key differences. This youth-sized version of the Half Jacket is slightly smaller, and can also hold a higher Rx range than its Flak counterpart. Perfect for kids who need a little extra assistance to see.

Oakley Quarter Jacket sport sunglasses

Oakley Quarter Jacket in Matte Black with Grey Lenses

Shop Oakley Quarter Jacket

Oakley Quarter Jacket Key Features:

  • Interchangeable lenses and your choice of PRIZM lenses optimized for different sport environments means your kid never has to feel cheated out on good vision.
  • O-Matter is the perfect combination of a lightweight and durable frame for an active child.
  • Unobtainium nose pads and temples ensure the sunglasses stay optically aligned even during an intense game.
  • Best fits ages 6–11
  • SFW: 127

Wiley X Gamer

The Wiley X Gamer is one of our favorite frames for sports. Its versatility and wide Rx range make this a solid option whether you're scoring a touchdown or shooting hoops after school.

Wiley X Gamer sports glasses

Wiley X Gamer in Matte Black/Dark Silver with Clear Lenses

Shop Wiley X Gamer

Wiley X Gamer Key Features:

  • Convertible frame comes with both temples and a goggle strap that adapt to any sport.
  • ASTM F803 approved and extra nose padding means these can take a beating and come out smiling.
  • Available in several sizes to fit kids of all ages.
  • Best fit for teens.
  • SFW: 131

Nike Dash

The Nike Dash features a true sports wrap in a size made for kids so they can dash to their heart's content.

Nike Dash

Nike Dash in Matte Anthracite with Grey/Teal Mirror Lenses

Shop Nike Dash

Nike Dash Key Features:

  • The ultra-lightweight frame makes these a great option for a picky kid.
  • High tension hinges add durability.
  • Best fits ages 8–12.
  • SFW: 121

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