Ray-Ban has been around for a long time; since 1937, in fact. They're best known for their classic Aviators or Wayfarers, and there's no denying the popularity of these styles. However, most people don't know about the other stylish frames that Ray-Ban has to offer. For this reason, we decided to guide you through the latest fashion sunglasses with Ray-Ban expert, Lisa Ahern. Follow along to find the perfect pair from our selection of the Best Ray-Bans of 2018!



1. Ray-Ban RB4440N
2. Ray-Ban RB4380N
3. Ray-Ban RB3579N Blaze Hexagonal
4. Ray-Ban RB3561 General
5. Ray-Ban RB3560 Colonel
6. Ray-Ban RB3648 Marshall
7. Ray-Ban RB 3596
8. Ray-Ban RB3578
9. Ray-Ban-RB3647N
10. Ray-Ban RB4285
11. Ray-Ban RB4312CH
12. Ray-Ban RB3029 Outdoorsman II
13. Ray-Ban RB4298
14. Ray-Ban RB3570
15. Ray-Ban RB4253
16. Ray-Ban RB3716 Clubmaster Metal
17. Ray-Ban RB4340 Wayfarer Ease

Check out our video review of the best Ray-Bans of 2018 with expert Lisa Ahern and Sunglass Rob from SportRx.

Ray-Ban RB4440N

Ray-Ban RB 4440N Blaze Wayfarer

Ray-Ban RB 4440N Blaze Wayfarer in Transparent Blue with Blue Gradient Mirror Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB4440N is a part of the Ray-Ban Blaze collection. These glasses are a funky version of the classic wayfarer. The lens is over the frame to give it a futuristic look. These glasses are extremely lightweight and can take you from the beach to a day party with no problem.

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Ray-Ban RB4380N

Ray-Ban RB4380N

Ray-Ban RB4380N in Transparent Green with Gradient Green Mirror Lenses

Part of the Ray-Ban Blaze collection, the Ray-Ban RB4380N glasses are an evolution of the popular RB2180 frame. These round frames feature gradient lenses and a transparent frame. Do you dare to wear them?

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Ray-Ban RB3579N Blaze Hexagonal

Ray-Ban RB3579N Blaze Hexagonal

Ray-Ban RB3579N Blaze Hexagonal in Copper with Violet Mirror Lenses

The Ray-Ban Blaze Hexagonal sunglasses are a geometric play on the Arista shape. These sleek metal frames have Onesie shield lenses in copper, blue, silver, and gold options. This hexagon shape is the newest trend.

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Ray-Ban RB3561 General


Ray-Ban RB3561 General

Ray-Ban RB3561 General in Black with Gradient Brown Mirror Silver Lenses

The Ray-Ban General sunglasses have been around since 1987 for their bold and iconic look. These aviator sunglasses feature squared off lenses for a unique look. The General glasses have lenses that have a scratch-resistant coating, which is 12x more resistant than the common lens. That's what I call tough.

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Ray-Ban RB3560 Colonel

Ray-Ban RB3560 Colonel

Ray-Ban RB3560 Colonel in Black with Grey Gradient Lenses

The Ray-Ban Colonel is an evolution of the General. The Colonel features a smaller, squared frame with a bold brow bar. These solid metal glasses come in several different color options. Don't miss out on this awesome pair.

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Ray-Ban RB3648 Marshall

Ray-Ban RB 3648 Marshall

Ray-Ban RB3648 Marshall in Gold with Light Blue Gradient Lenses

The Ray-Ban Marshall sunglasses have a hexagonal shape that is almost round. These fun sunglasses have a double bridge and have amazing lens colors to choose from. Be fearless while wearing your pair of Ray-Ban Marshall sunglasses.

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Ray-Ban RB3596

Ray-Ban RB3596

Ray-Ban RB3596 in Matte Black with Grey Gradient Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB3596 sunglasses are a contemporary club master frame. They are a 2 toned, metal frame with a double bridge for added style. Embrace your edgy style with the Ray-Ban RB3596 glasses.

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Ray-Ban RB3578

Ray-Ban RB3578

Ray-Ban RB3578 in Blue/Copper with Orange Gradient Mirror Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB3578 sunglasses are where metal meets color. These round, half-rim sunglasses come with bright multi-tone gradient lenses. Make your splash on the world with these lively shades.

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Ray-Ban RB3647N

Ray-Ban RB3647N

Ray-Ban RB3647N in Gold/Tortoise with Green Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB3647N sunglasses combine an iconic design with modern style. These full metal, round sunglasses come in several colors and different sizes. Dress them up or down, to make them the perfect accessory for any occasion.

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Ray-Ban RB4285

Ray-Ban RB4285

Ray-Ban RB4285 in Havana with Green Brown Gradient

The Ray-Ban RB4285 sunglasses are a round frame with gradient lenses. These glasses feature a unique temple shape and super thin double bridge. Keep up with the latest trends by rocking a pair of the RB4285 sunglasses.

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Ray-Ban RB4312CH

Ray-Ban RB4312CH

Ray-Ban RB4312CH in Black with Blue Mirror Gold Gradient Polarized Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB4312CH sunglasses are a sporty, plastic aviator. They are extremely lightweight and come with Ray-Ban's Chromance lenses. These lenses fine-tune light, ensuring the best clarity possible. Look great and see even better with these fresh frames.

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Ray-Ban RB3029 Outdoorsman II

Ray-Ban RB 3029 Outdoorsman II

Ray-Ban RB 3029 Outdoorsman II in Arista with Crystal Green Lenses

The Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II sunglasses are a unique take on the classic aviator. What sets these aviators apart is the distinctive brow bar. Express your sense of fashion with the Ray-Ban Outdoorsman II aviators.

Shop Ray-Ban RB3029 Outdoorsman II

Ray-Ban RB4298

Ray-Ban RB4298

Ray-Ban RB4298 in Black with Grey Gradient Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB4298 sunglasses are a fun aviator style. These glasses feature a distinct nylon frame and a thin metal double bridge and temples. Take your look to new heights with the Ray-Ban RB4298 sunglasses.

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Ray-Ban RB3570

Ray-Ban RB3570

Ray-Ban RB3570 in Black with Silver Gradient Grey Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB3570 sunglasses are a stylish navigator frame. These square sunglasses are 2-tone with gradient lenses, a distinctive temple shape, and a double bridge. Show off your style with the classic Ray-Ban RB3570 glasses.

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Ray-Ban RB4253

Ray-Ban RB4253

Ray-Ban RB4253 in Havana with Pink Gradient Brown Lenses

The Ray-Ban RB4253 sunglasses are the perfect blend of aviator and round frames. These glasses have a thin double bridge and temple contrasted by a thicker frame, giving them extra flair. If you want a stylish unique pair of sunglasses, then these are perfect for you.

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Ray-Ban RB3716 Clubmaster Metal

Ray-Ban RB3716 Metal Clubmaster

Ray-Ban RB3716 Metal Clubmaster in Matte Black/Gold with Green Lenses

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster has it all. This timeless frame offers a sleek, modern look to the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster. Choose from a variety of lens and frame options to make sure you have exactly the look you are going for.

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Ray-Ban RB4340 Wayfarer Ease

Ray-Ban RB4340 Wayfarer Ease

Ray-Ban RB4340 Wayfarer Ease in Blue with Brown Gradient Brown Mirror Lenses

The Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease is an update on the most popular wayfarer. These sunglasses are everything you want from original and new put together. You have the option to have these classic frames in both traditional or funky colors with classic or gradient lenses. Let your personality shine with a pair of the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ease sunglasses.

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