Long days on open waters mark the life of a fisherman. And when your playground is considered one of the greatest sources of glare, it's crucial to have the proper eyewear to make your catch. Prescription fishing sunglasses will protect your eyes from blinding glare, harsh UV rays, and provide the optical boost you need to maximize your performance. Join SportRx as we share our list of the best prescription fishing sunglasses of 2022 — because no ordinary frame will do when you're reeling in your trophy fish!

Table of Contents

A. Video Overview
B. What to Look for in Prescription Fishing Sunglasses
C. Best Prescription Fishing Sunglasses of 2022
1. Oakley Split Shot
2. Wiley X Grid
3. Costa Tuna Alley Pro
4. SMITH Castaway
5. Kaenon Arcata
D. 2021 Frame Lineup
E. Shop Prescription Fishing Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Video Overview

Join Sports Optician Tyler as he introduces the best prescription fishing sunglasses of 2022! Read on to learn more about the frames.

What to Look for in Prescription Fishing Sunglasses

Before we dive into our frame lineup, let's go over the essential components you need in your prescription fishing sunglasses: coverage, durability, and grip. (We'll talk about Rx-ability, too!)

8-Base Coverage

Wrap around designs provide the most amount of coverage from UV rays and deliver a wide field of view. You'll get unobstructed peripherals and maximum sun protection, so you can enjoy long days under the sun with comfortable vision.

Durable Materials

Fishing sunglasses need to withstand the sun's heat, as well as salty air and water. To avoid corrosion on your favorite everyday frames, choose fishing sunglasses made from durable materials like nylon, Grilamid TR90, or Oakley's O Matter™.

Comfortable Grip

Choppy days and a rocking boat are quick ways to lose your favorite frames. That's why all the sunglasses in our lineup feature frames with staying power. Available in a variety of forms, our Sports Opticians recommend frames that have rubber grip that gets tackier when wet, or optional leashes for when you need extra frame security.


We can't talk about the best prescription fishing sunglasses without talking about your Rx lenses! All these frames are available with prescription online at SportRx. Choose from Single Vision, Progressive, or even Bifocals (which are life-changing when tying knots). Available in a variety of colors and lens coatings, we recommend opting for a polarized lens to cut glare and help you spot and track fish.

For even more information on what goes into an awesome pair of fishing sunglasses, check out our Fishing Sunglasses Buyer's Guide.

Best Prescription Fishing Sunglasses of 2022

Let's reel in our frames!

Oakley Split Shot

Kicking off our lineup, we have Oakley's first water-specific frame, the Split Shot. These sleek wrap around sunglasses provide tons of UV protection with its 8-base wrap and integrated side shield design. Unobtainium® rubber grip gets tackier the more you sweat (or take an unexpected splash from a feisty catch of the day). The frame also features a removable 20" woven steel leash that provides extra frame security on high-wind days.

As for the lenses, you'll be in the best of hands with Oakley's PRIZM™ Polarized lens technology. Designed specifically to cut glare and reveal greater contrast and clarity, PRIZM™ Polarized lenses will have you seeing more clearly than ever. And it's Rx-able!

Oakley Split Shot prescription fishing sunglasses in matte black with polarized blue lenses and leash.

Oakley Split Shot in Matte Black with PRIZM™ Deep Water Polarized Lenses

Shop Oakley Split Shot

Oakley Split Shot Key Features:

  • Lightweight O Matter™ frame construction is durable & impact-resistant
  • Unobtainium® rubber grip gets tackier with moisture
  • Woven steel leash is integrated into the design for frame security, but can easily be removed
  • Contrast-enhancing PRIZM™ Polarized lenses are Rx-able
  • SportRx Frame Width: 131 (What is SFW?)

Wiley X Grid

We've got a new release to put on your radar. Presenting the Wiley X Grid — probably the best-looking safety-rated frame you've ever seen. And while you may be wondering what a safety rating can do for your fishing game, let's just say you'll be happy to have an impact-resistant frame when they hit the boat deck.

The Wiley X Grid is built to last. It features shatterproof Selenite™ lenses that have CAPTIVATE™ lens technology for great contrast and clarity. Plus, all CAPTIVATE™ lenses are polarized, so you'll get a glare-free view of the water and your surroundings. The rubber nose pads will keep your polarized prescription fishing sunglasses optically aligned while increasing comfort. The Grid also has a removable foam gasket, making this one of the most versatile frames in our lineup.

Wiley X Grid polarized fishing sunglasses in grey with green mirror lenses.

Wiley X Grid in Matte Cool Grey with CAPTIVATE™ Polarized Green Mirror Lenses

Shop Wiley X Grid

Wiley X Grid Key Features:

  • ANSI Z87.1-certified to resist impacts
  • Rubber nose pads & temple tips ensure grip & comfort
  • Removable foam eye gasket blocks wind when you're boating at high-speeds
  • Rx-able CAPTIVATE™ lenses are polarized, safety-rated, and contrast-enhancing
  • SFW: 135

Costa Tuna Alley Pro

New for 2022, Costa released a performance upgrade to the fishing-favorite Tuna Alley. Introducing the Costa Tuna Alley Pro, which is nothing short of a fisherman's dream. The Costa Pro Series brings 6 performance elements to some of their best-selling styles for an even better fishing experience. Some things you'll notice on the Tuna Alley Pro are the sweat management channels that wick away moisture and eyewire drains that prevent fogging. It also features improved Hydrolite™ rubber that is grippier than ever before.

The Tuna Alley Pro is made from Costa's bio-resin to be eco-friendly and ultra-durable. It has extended hooding and side shields for extra sun protection, and adjustable nose pads for a perfect fit. You'll also get pristine vision with great details thanks to Costa's 580 lens technology — which is Rx-friendly!

Costa Tuna Alley Pro sunglasses in tortoise wetlands with green mirror lenses.

Costa Tuna Alley Pro in Wetlands with Green Mirror 580G Lenses

Shop Costa Tuna Alley Pro

Costa Tuna Alley Pro Key Features:

  • Bio-resin nylon is eco-friendly, saltwater-safe, and anti-corrosive
  • Fully adjustable nose pads allow for a custom fit
  • Improved Hydrolite™ rubber is grippier than ever
  • Fishing-favorite 580 lens technology is Rx-able
  • SFW: 136

SMITH Castaway

The SMITH Castaway is a slip-free wrap around frame that looks great on and off the boat. It's made from TR90 nylon which is super comfortable, lightweight, and durable to wear. Generous rectangular lenses provide tons of UV protection and extra thick temples enhance your peripheral coverage. Megol rubber nose pads and temple tips give you the grip you need, while the included pivlock leash can be attached for extra frame security.

For the lenses, if it's a contact lens kind of day, you'll love the clarity you get from SMITH ChromaPop™ lens technology. For prescription sunglasses days, the Castaway is available with SportRx Sport Optimized Lenses that are ready to help you catch more fish.

SMITH Castaway polarized fishing sunglasses in black with gold lenses.

SMITH Castaway in Matte Black Gold with ChromaPop+ Polarized Bronze Mirror Lenses

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SMITH Castaway Key Features:

  • TR90 nylon is lightweight, comfortable, & durable
  • Oversized lenses provide maximum amount of UV protection
  • Megol rubber nose pads & temple tips increase comfort & grip
  • Rx-able with SportRx Sport Optimized Lenses
  • SFW:136

Kaenon Arcata

Closing out our lineup of the best prescription fishing sunglasses, we have the ultra-impressive Kaenon Arcata. Its clean design will have you reaching for these frames even when you're not heading out to the water. They're made from Grilamid TR90, which is flexible, lightweight, and durable. Meaning you can wear your Arcata for years to come. Variflex nose pads and temple tips will keep you focused on your catch, instead of messing with slipping frames. And when you're ready to take your vision to the next level, the Arcata is available with Kaenon's SR-91 polarized prescription lenses that sharpen colors and details.

Kaenon Arcata prescription fishing sunglasses in matte black with prescription copper lenses.

Kaenon Arcata in Matte Black with Copper 12-Polarized Silver Mirror Lenses

Shop Kaenon Arcata

Kaenon Arcata Key Features:

  • Grilamid TR90 is flexible, lightweight, & durable
  • Variflex nose pads and temple tips create grip & comfort
  • Thick temple provide extra peripheral coverage
  • Rx-able with Kaenon's SR-91 polarized lens technology that sharpens colors & clarity
  • SFW: 138

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