Whether you're strutting down the streets or relaxing by the pool with your girlfriends, you'll want a pair of the Best Prada Women's Sunglasses. Like all other designs by Prada, these sunglasses are handcrafted to accentuate the elegance and style within you. While each pair is casual and lightweight, you're sure to make a bold statement. And because fashion comes first, Prada's got your back. Or in this case, your eyes. Each handcrafted lens is sure to protect your eyes from UV rays so you don't have to suffer beauty for pain. From runway to classic fashion, here are the Best Prada Women's Sunglasses.

Table Of Contents

1. What to Look for in Prada Sunglasses
2. The Best Prada Women's Sunglasses of 2019
2.1Prada PR 16US
2.2Prada PR 16RS
2.3Prada PR 01OS
2.4Prada PR 53SS
2.5Prada PR 04VS

What to Look for in Prada Women's Sunglasses

From the streets of Milan to your handbag, these sunglasses are sure to turn heads. Embrace the fashion guru in you and check out the Prada's best women's sunglasses of 2019.

Frame Technology

When wearing Prada, of course you're fashionable, but don't forget about being comfortable. You'll want a pair of sunglasses that don't leave marks on your nose and rest on your face with the lightest touch. And if it's important to you, Prada also has hypoallergenic frames, to keep your complexion flawless.

  • Adjustable Nosepad (helps to fit to your face however you like)
  • Acetate (a plant-based product that is hypoallergenic)
  • Bent temples (aids for a secure no-slip grip)

Lens Technology

  • Gradient (tinted from the top down)
  • Poly-carbonate provide 100% protection from UV rays)
  • Polarized (reduces glare, helps images appear sharper and clearer)

The Best Prada Women's Sunglasses of 2019

Prada sunglasses are for the everyday elegant, classy, and high fashion woman. Want a pair that makes your feel them all in one? Prada's got you covered.

Prada PR 16US

Prada PR 16US in Pink Havana/Top Bordeaux Ivory with Light Violet Flash Silver Lenses

Shop Prada PR 16US

Talk about a bold pair of sunglasses. Prada PR 16US are the statement you're ready to make. Featuring seven different colors and shades there's a pair for every outfit you put on. Premium cellulose acetate frames makes them lightweight and with impact resilient lenses you've got 100% UV protection. And to top it off, they're also scratch-resistant and coated with a super hydrophobic and anti reflective treatment.

Prada PR 16RS

Prada PR 16RS in Black with Grey Lenses

Shop Prada PR 16RS

Take a trip to Italy with a pair of these Prada PR 16RS. Part of the Prada Milano sunglasses collection these shades scream high fashion. These geometric shape frames give you both the high-end fashion style you desire and the versatility of a prescription lens you want. Available in +3 to -5 prescription range.

Prada PR 01OS

Prada PR 01OS in Havana Bordeaux Yellow with Grey Gradient Lenses

Shop Prada 01OS

With the perfect blend of sass and sophistication, Prada 01OS are the ideal shade for any classy lady. Made from acetate for the lightweight feel, these sunglasses are great to keep on hand or on your face. Combining fashion and innovation with the metallic corners, they add the lovely accent to your already sophisticated and spunky style.

Prada PR 53SS

Prada PR 53SS

Prada PR 53SS in Black

Shop Prada PR 53SS

Straight from the Prada Cinema Collection is the PR 53SS. These sunglasses are the perfect combination of elegant, classy and trendy. With their adjustable temples and nosepads they give you a secure and comfortable fit. They style a bold cat-eye geometric frame that will have all heads turning your way. Fashion forward in these Prada sunglasses.

Prada PR 04VS

Prada PR 04VS in Black

Shop Prada PR 04VS

Fashioning an irregular frame, Prada never fails to surprise. The PR 04VS is a bold statement, with their mirrored, polarized lenses and unique frame shape, they truly are unique. They're most ideal for a medium fit head and have bent temples so they'll sit comfortably and securely no matter what way you work it. Dress up, or walk out the door in the Prada PR 04VS.

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