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If you're reading have a big head. And we know it can be tough to find a pair of everyday sunglasses that fit you just right. So we can imagine its even harder to find a pair of motorcycle sunglasses that fit around your very big brain. You want a pair that fits seamlessly when you want to head out for a ride right? Well don't worry we got you covered, your searching ends here. Think no bigger and look no longer. We asked around and double checked with our opticians for the Best Motorcycles Sunglasses for Big Heads and this is the list for you.

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1. Best Motorcycle Sunglasses for Big Heads
2. Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI
3. 7eye Panhead
4. Bobster Whiskey
5. Rec Specs Torque
6. Wiley X Rogue

Best Motorcycle Sunglasses for Big Heads

Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI

oakely industrial det cord ANSI

Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI in Matte Black with Grey Lens

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With their three-point system you can ride comfortably and casually with the Oakley Industrial Det Cord sunglasses. They're the ideal motorcycle sunglasses. Equipped with anti-fog coating to ensure you see with a clear path and rubber unobtanium nose piece that keeps them secure no matter what bumps you hit. They're even ANSI certified, so you know you get the full package.

7eye Panhead

7eye Panhead in Glossy Black with Sharpview Grey Lens

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A finalist for the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses of 2018 SportRx Awards, the 7eye Panhead most certainly deserved its recognition. With their bendable and adjustable temple arms they're ideal to wear with a helmet. Though your helmet may make your head sweat, these sunglasses won't. Featuring filtered vents on the inner frames and replaceable AirShield technology, the 7eye will keep you cool and calm as you ride along the coast.

Bobster Whiskey

Bobster Whiskey

Bobster Whiskey in Matte Black

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With a bold black frame and gun metal detailing, the Bobster Whiskey is both the crucial and casual pair of sunglasses there is. Exceeding the ballistic impact requirements they keep you safe on the roads, no matter what comes your way. Their wide frames are perfect for optimal peripheral vision. Prescription ready and safety approved, they are the way to-go to ride on-the-go.

Rec Specs Torque

Rec Specs Torque

Rec Specs Torque in Translucent Black with Ultimate Polarized Contrasts Lens

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Just at first glance you can see how fully equipped these sunglasses are. Rec Specs Torque are lined with foam eyecups and side shields to ensure comfort and protection. They have rubber nosepads and temple tips that hold on securely and without fuss. Speaking of temple tips, check out the slits for straps to slip through, they'll make your ride both worry and carefree.

Wiley X Rogue

Wiley X Rogue

Wiley X Rogue in Matte Black with Smoke Grey & Clear lens

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There's no surprise these sunglasses are hard to keep in stock. All the riders want them and all that see them, want a pair too. Wiley X Rogue are the superior sunglasses for your big head. Meeting all the standards; ballistic, ANSI z87.1, high velocity, impact resistant and highly protective lenses, the are the perfect pair for your riding requirements. And with bonus lenses included there's a style for whichever bike you decide to roll out on. With the ability to change lenses, these sunglasses do not come in prescription.

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