You've put in the hours to level up your character to a total powerhouse, but does your vision need a boost? If you're a prescription-wearing gamer, we have made this lineup for you! Join SportRx as we unveil the best men's prescription gaming glasses of 2021. These five styles will have you seeing clearly, warding off harmful blue light, and elevating your style for offline outings.

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. What to Look for in Gaming Glasses
C. Best Men's Prescription Gaming Glasses 2021
1. Oakley Metalink
2. Oakley Activate
3. SPY Helm Optical
4. Costa Ocean Ridge 220
5. Maui Jim MJO2720
D. Men's Prescription Gaming Glasses at SportRx

Video Review

What to Look for in Gaming Glasses

Our expert opticians handpicked every frame in our lineup of the best men's prescription gaming glasses. Let's review which criteria they used when selecting the frames.

Frame Technology

Gaming glasses are all about comfort — both physically and visually. Frame technology is crucial for securing the former.

For a comfortable fit, gaming glasses should be lightweight and stay securely in place. Look for frame materials like Oakley's O Matter™, nylon, or high-quality acetate. These materials provide an ultra-lightweight feel and are built to lastadding longevity to the frame’s life. Rubber grip will also enhance comfort, while providing extra grip.

Lens Technology

If you're reading this, you're probably aware of the harmful effects of blue light. Digital screens are one of the most common sources of blue light, and gaming sessions can threaten the integrity of your vision. From temporary eye fatigue to an increased risk of macular degeneration, blue light gaming glasses can ensure your visual comfort while protecting your eyes. All of the frames in our lineup are available with prescription blue light lenses.

Best Men's Prescription Gaming Glasses 2021

You already know they're Rx-able, so let's check out the frames!

Oakley Metalink

This classic rectangular frame gets the best of Oakley tech in the Metalink. Made from a mixed composition, this sleek frame features NanO Matter™, which is 67% thinner than acetate, and Unobtainium™ rubber grip. Straight temples are headset-compatible and alleviate any uncomfortable pressure points. The Oakley Metalink also uses TruBridge™ technology, which allows you to swap out the included nose pads for a perfect fit.

As for the lenses, Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming will change the way you play. PRIZM™ Gaming protects against harmful blue light, enhances contrast, and helps you focus better so you can play longer.

oakley metalink gaming glasses in satin black with oakley prizm gaming lens technology

Oakley Metalink in Satin Black with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Metalink Key Features

  • NanO Matter™ frame is 67% thinner & 3X stronger than acetate
  • Stainless steel temples covered in Unobtainium™ rubber grip gets tackier with sweat
  • TruBridge™ technology comes with multiple nose pads so you can pick the best fit
  • Available with Rx-able Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming lens technology
  • SportRx Frame Width (What is SFW?): 53 Eyesize - 135mm; 55 Eyesize - 139mm

Oakley Activate

Leave it to Oakley to create prescription gaming glasses with a wrap design. Unlike traditional eyeglasses with a flat 4-base lens, the Oakley Activate features a 6-base design for a wider field-of-vision. You'll also get extra coverage from harmful blue light. In addition, the Activate’s generous square lenses hold a range of prescriptions, including Progressive. You can also select Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming lenses for the ultimate visual gaming experience.

Built from proprietary O Matter™, the Oakley Activate is ultra-lightweight and durable. It also features one of the most custom-fitting experiences. From the easily heated and molded Ace Fit temples to the TruBridge™ technology, you'll experience a perfect fit.

Oakley Activate gaming glasses in satin black with Oakley PRIZM Gaming blue light lenses.

Oakley Activate in Satin Black with PRIZM™ Gaming Lenses

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Oakley Activate Key Features

  • 6-base curve provides a wide field-of-vision
  • O Matter™ frame is lightweight & durable
  • Ace Fit temples & TruBridge™ technology create a custom fitting experience
  • Available with Rx-able Oakley PRIZM™ Gaming lens technology
  • SFW: 53 Eyesize - 125mm; 55 Eyesize - 130mm

SPY Helm Optical

Sophisticated and bold, the SPY Helm Optical is the newest member of the Helm family. Its generous square lenses and lightweight acetate frame create a modern-retro look that is ultra-comfortable to wear. A keyhole bridge adds that extra dose of style while sleek temples provide a secure fit.

For your prescription lenses, choose from a variety of lens materials and coating. For gaming, we recommend the SportRx BlueDefense™ coating for enhanced vision and blue light protection.

SPY Helm Optical men's prescription gaming glasses. Dark tortoise front with clear temples and clear lenses.

SPY Helm Optical in Dark Tortoise Crystal with Clear Lenses

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SPY Helm Optical Key Features

  • Bold acetate frame design is the newest member of the SPY Helm Collection
  • Generous square lenses provide excellent coverage from blue light
  • Keyhole bridge adds style & decreases fogging
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 54 Eyesize - 137mm; 56 Eyesize - 142mm

Costa Ocean Ridge 220

For a clean style, the Costa Ocean Ridge 220 is the ultimate versatile gaming frame. Easily worn for extended gaming sessions, or office wear, these prescription gaming glasses will have you looking as good as you see. Made from Costa's bio-resin nylon, this eco-friendly material is extremely lightweight and durable. It can also withstand extreme temperatures, so you can spend more time focusing on the real-world adventures ahead.

Turn these Costas into men's prescription gaming glasses with blue defense by simply selecting Costa's Blue Light coating or SportRx's BlueDefense™!

Costa Ocean Ridge glasses in black fade with clear lenses.

Costa Ocean Ridge 220 in Black Fade with Clear Lenses

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Costa Ocean Ridge 220 Key Features

  • Eco-friendly bio-resin nylon is lightweight & resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Rubber temples and nose pads keep the frame securely in place
  • Saddle bridge evenly distributes weight across your nose
  • Rx-able
  • SFW: 133mm

Maui Jim MJO2720

From the Maui Jim Titanium Collection, the MJO2720 is one of the best-looking gaming glasses we've ever seen. Seriously thin, incredibly lightweight, and ultra-comfortable, this frame is almost undetectable by the wearer (besides the amazing optics, of course). It also has adjustable nosepads for a custom fit that beats the days of "good enough."

As with all things Maui Jim, excellence is the only option. And Maui Jim optics are the best way to experience it for yourself. Select Maui Jim Blue Light Protect™, which allows beneficial blue light through, while blocking harmful blue light.

Maui Jim MJO2720 glasses in metal frame in antique copper with clear lenses.

Maui Jim MJO2720 in Antique Copper with Clear Lenses

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Maui Jim MJO2720 Key Features

  • A member of the Maui Jim Titanium Collection
  • Traditional pin hinge creates a secure fit & easy opening & closing
  • Adjustable nose pads ensure a custom fit
  • Available with Rx-able Maui Jim Blue Light Protect™ lenses
  • SFW: 137mm

Men's Prescription Gaming Glasses at SportRx

Need men's prescription gaming glasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, contact us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your men's prescription gaming glasses.

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