Climb to new heights with quality hiking sunglasses. Of course, no pair of sunglasses is complete without its lenses, so we're going to tell you which lenses work for hiking and other lens features to consider.

Table of Contents

1. The Best Lens Colors for Hiking Sunglasses
1.1. Brown/Copper Lenses
1.2. Grey/Green Smoke Lenses
1.3. Rose Lenses
2. Other Lens Features for Hiking Sunglasses
2.1. Polarized Lenses
2.2. Mirror Lenses
3. Prescription Hiking Sunglasses at SportRx

The Best Lens Colors for Hiking Sunglasses

First, we'll go over the best lens colors for your hiking sunglasses, then we'll talk about some additional features to look for. If you're looking for a broader look at hiking sunglasses in general, head over to our Hiking Sunglasses Buyer's Guide.

Brown/Copper Lenses

If spotting details is most important for you, go for a brown or copper lens. These contrast-enhancing tints will help you more easily 'read' and spot things on the trail while still being dark enough to protect your eyes from the brightness of the sun. These are best for sunny-to-shady hikes.

Grey/Green Smoke Lenses

Hiking in full sun and want more neutral color perception? Take a grey or green smoke lens with you. These lenses are better if you want to darken your view without adding contrast. These colors are great for all-day, all-sun hikes.

Rose Lenses

The main benefit of a rose lens is contrast. These lenses provide even more contrast than brown or copper lenses. They tend to be better in lower-light conditions, so they're great if you're planning on hiking in deep shade. If you're looking for maximum contrast enhancement and like looking at the world through "rose-colored lenses," then you can't go wrong!

Other Lens Features for Hiking Sunglasses

Polarized Lenses

We don't push polarized lenses too hard for hiking. The main purpose of a polarized lens is to block glare caused by shiny or reflective objects. There isn't typically a lot of glare bouncing off the dirt, rocks, or foliage, so there isn't a big benefit to having this lens feature while hiking.

There is also the potential that polarized lenses can affect your depth perception, especially if you're going with less than top-tier quality polarized lenses. With that being the case, it isn't a feature that you need to worry about having unless you want a pair that you use for all-around, everyday use and you get a top-tier quality polarized lens, like from Maui Jim or Costa.

Mirror Lenses

If you have sensitive eyes and dark lenses still aren't helping, try a mirrored lens. In addition to looking cool, these lenses reflect excess light and what we call "ambient glare" away from the lens. This effectively gives you a darker lens!

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