Did you know that a child’s eye lets in 70% more UV rays than an adult’s? Ensuring your kid's eyes are protected is vital for their short-term and long-term eye health. However, here at SportRx, we understand your child may not be too eager to wear their eye protecting shades. Sound about right? Well, you’ve come to the right place. The following 2 frames are not just comfortable and stylish but come with stories that your child will love; you will have them excited to carry on the legacy that these frames hold! Continue reading for details on the 2 best kid's Ray-Bans.

Kid's Ray-Bans

1. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9506S Aviator
2. Ray-Ban Junior RJ9052S New Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Junior RJ9506S Aviator

Kid's Ray-Bans: Ray-Ban junior sunglasses. RJ9506S Aviator in Gold with Clear Temple Tips and G-15 lenses

RJ9506S Aviator - Gold with Clear Temple Tips and G-15 lenses

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An iconic frame you are likely to have in your own sunglass collection, the Ray-Ban Aviator goes mini. The Ray-Ban Junior RJ9506S Aviator is a favorite for little ones with big imaginations. Originally made for military pilots in the 1930s, your child will feel like they are living life above the clouds. These frames exude heroism so your child can feel strong and proud in their new kid's Ray-Bans. The Ray-Ban RJ9506S comes with adjustable nose pads, ensuring a perfect fit. A smart change from the adult version, the Ray-Ban RJ9506S also comes with polycarbonate lenses in case of any playground mishaps. Time to get your child excited to wear their pilot inspired Ray-Ban Junior RJ9506S Aviator sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Junior RJ9052S New Wayfarer

Kid's Ray-Bans: Ray-Ban junior sunglasses. Black Ray-Ban RJ9506S New Wayfarer with Green G-15 lenses

RJ9052S New Wayfarer - Black with G-15 lenses

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Does your child wear eyeglasses but hate the thought of carrying around a second pair of prescription sunglasses? The Ray-Ban Junior RJ9052S New Wayfarer is the perfect hassle-free option to make your child feel like a hero in disguise. When paired with Transitions® lenses, these lenses start off clear, giving your child a frame with a Superman, or should we say Clark Kent, look while still providing 100% UV protection. In the presence of UV rays, these lenses transition to the hand selected tint you or your child chose. They even provide protection from blue light’s harmful high-energy visible rays for extra protection when using digital devices. To note, this filter helps keep children on their natural sleep cycle, but we’ll keep that little secret between the adults. Help your child feel like their favorite superhero in the Ray-Ban Junior RJ9052S New Wayfarer with Transitions® lenses!

Kid's Ray-Bans with Prescription Lenses Online

Need prescription lenses to go with your child’s new Ray-Ban junior sunglasses? SportRx has you covered. Prescription Ray-Bans are made to fit your little one's individual vision needs. With helpful guides along the online customization process and a team of friendly opticians available 7 days a week, the answers to your Ray-Ban prescription eyewear questions are just at your fingertips. Contact SportRx and ditch risky online shopping with our See Better Guarantee. If your child is not 100% satisfied with their kid's Ray-Bans, simply let us know within 45 days of receipt. We will remake them to perfection, coordinate an exchange, or even provide a full refund. Don’t let fears of shipping and restocking fees hold you back, we cover shipping -both ways, and never charge restocking fees! Your peace of mind is worth it. Get your child’s prescription Ray-Ban junior sunglasses at SportRx today!