Finding the right eyewear for your prescription can be a challenge. That's why we've compiled this list of the best frames per general prescription range to help you get started. If you feel like you haven't yet found the perfect pair of glasses, we know we have several frames you'll love.

Table of Contents

1. Where Does My Prescription Fall?
2. Eyeglasses for Low Prescriptions
3. Sunglasses for Low Prescriptions
4. Eyeglasses for Medium Prescriptions
5. Sunglasses for Medium Prescriptions
6. Eyeglasses for High Prescriptions
7. Sunglasses for High Prescriptions
8. Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses at SportRx


Where Does My Prescription Fall?

What we call a low, medium, or high Rx depends on multiple factors and can get complex. It's always easiest to speak with a tenured optician to be confident on what is possible with your prescription. With this being the case, we can help with a ballpark estimate and recommend that you use this as a guideline and not a rule.

There are a few factors we consider when looking at a prescription.

  • Low Rx: +1.00 to -2.00
  • Medium Rx: +1.25 to +2.00 and -2.25 to -4.00
  • High Rx: +2.00 and up; -4.00 and up
    • Cyl: +/- 2.00

"Total power" refers to both the sphere and cylinder correction on your prescription (usually written as SPH and CYL respectively), and involves a little bit of math. If the cylinder power is negative, then you add the SPH and CYL to get the total power. If the cylinder is negative, you take the SPH power as the total power.

Make sure to keep note of whether you have a high cylinder number, because that means you have a strong astigmatism and your Rx classifies as higher.

Regardless of your prescription, most eyeglasses are going to work well. This is because eyeglasses usually have a smaller and flatter lens compared to sunglasses. If you have a very strong prescription, smaller eye sizes and lens heights or a rounder lens shape works best. Some of our favorite eyeglass brands are Persol, Costa, SPY, RAEN, Ray-Ban, and Oakley.

For more help with determining where your prescription falls, we suggest contacting one of our opticians. We can walk you through it and figure out the best frames for you.

Eyeglasses for Low Prescriptions


RAY-BAN RB6489 58 EYE SIZE in Gold

Shop Ray-Ban RB6489

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Rock Ray-Ban's classic aviator look in eyeglasses that everyone can admire. These eyeglasses feature a thin and lightweight metal frame and adjustable nose pads for comfort.

Sunglasses for Low Prescriptions

If you have a low Rx, there are more options if you want a wrap frame. Most wrap frames can only handle a certain prescription strength before they give something we call the "fishbowl effect," though a couple of brands such as Oakley and Rudy Project make wrap frames that can handle a high Rx.

Nike Tailwind sunglasses

Nike Tailwind in Matte Black/Bright Crimson and Grey with Silver Flash Lenses

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Because the Nike Tailwind is a wrapped, semi-rimless frame, it's somewhat limited in prescription capabilities, though you can get it with an insert. Overall, most of our Nike and SMITH frames make good low Rx solutions.

Other Low Rx Picks: Bollé Breaker, 100% Sportcoupe, Tifosi Synapse

Eyeglasses for Medium Prescriptions

Costa Forest Reef 200 Eyeglasses

Costa Forest Reef 200 in Shiny Grey Horn on Brushed Palladium

Shop Costa Forest Reef 200

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Rock this semi-rimless look in a full-rim frame with the Costa Forest Reef 200. These men's eyeglasses have both a metal and acetate frame for a fashionable style and a comfortable fit.

Sunglasses for Medium Prescriptions

Remember, matching sunglasses with your prescription isn't always straightforward—everyone's eyes are different! To get the best advice figuring out what will work for your specific needs, call an optician.

SMITH Chromapop Lenses for Lifestyle Driving

SMITH Basecamp in Matte Tortoise with Chromapop Polarized Brown Lenses

Shop SMITH Caravan MAG

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The SMITH Caravan MAG has a slight wrap perfect for midrange prescriptions, as well as MAG technology to let you swap between lenses with only the push of a button.

Other Medium Rx Picks: Bollé Keel, Nike Skylon Ace XV, Oakley Frogskins

Eyeglasses for High Prescriptions

RAEN Marin Women's Eyeglasses

RAEN Marin in Brindle Tortoise

Shop RAEN Marin

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These women's eyeglasses have a round, gently cat-eyed shape to give you a unique style that looks good on anyone. Because of the smaller, round lens, these make a great choice if you have an exceptionally strong prescription.

Sunglasses for High Prescriptions

Don't despair if this is you—we still have plenty of options. Any RAEN sunglasses are a good high Rx solution for everyday wear, and Oakley and Rudy Project both make plenty of sports frames that can handle a wide range of prescriptions. You can also contact one of our opticians with your updated prescription and we'll be happy to help you find a pair of glasses that work with your numbers.

Rudy Project Exception + Rx Insert prescription sunglasses

Rudy Project Exception + Rx Insert in Matte Black with Polarized 3FX Grey Lenses

Shop Rudy Project Exception + Rx Insert

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The Rudy Project Exception comes with an insert to give sports fanatics with a strong prescription the experience of wearing a wrap frame in prescription. Thanks to this insert, the Exception can work for almost anyone.

Other High Rx Picks: SMITH Outlier 2, 100% Blake, Ray-Ban Daddy-O

Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses at SportRx

Need prescription glasses or sunglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription glasses or sunglasses.

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