Whether it’s the elite athlete you follow on Instagram or your neighbor who seems to constantly be going on vacation, there is good reason the striving and thriving always reach for a set of Oakley sunglasses. SportRx is here to help you understand why Oakleys are still in style.


You may have noticed the flashy Sutro Lite Sweep on NFL players during Super Bowl LVI. When you’re out on the slopes, you can’t help but notice the big ellipse symbol on the vast majority of snow goggles. So what makes Oakley so popular? Oakley has spent years perfecting their own compositions of proprietary frame and lens materials!

O-Matter Frame Material

Oakley's most popular frame material, O-Matter, is lightweight and durable. Because of their profound resilience, O-Matter is found in Oakley’s top sport frames. Fortunately, you can also find O-Matter on lifestyle frames for added security. You never have to worry about the mishandling of your sunglasses by toddlers’ little hands, or driving off with your sunglasses on the roof of the car.

PRIZM Lens Technology

PRIZM lenses are impact-resistant and vision enhancing. Each PRIZM lens was curated for an intended environment making them specific to your surrounding conditions. Whether you're driving, mountain biking, or snowboarding, you get the best vision money can buy with Oakleys.

To learn more about Oakley’s amplifying attributes and why Oakleys are still in style, take a look at our Oakley Sunglasses Buyer’s Guide.


Due to such high-end materials, you see Oakley wearers in every sport, and during your everyday tasks. Oakley is made for those who refuse to settle for anything but the best in eyewear. That’s why professional athletes, like Joe Kelly, choose to go with Oakley glasses.

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Casual Lifestyle


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