Anon snow goggles are awesome, but it can be hard to figure out which one's right for you from pictures alone. Check out our comprehensive size guide to figure out which one suits you best.

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Cylindrical vs. Spherical Lenses
1. Anon Tracker 2.0
2. Anon Relapse Jr
3. Anon WM1
4. Anon WM3
5. Anon M2
6. Anon M3
7. Anon Sync
8. Anon M4
Prescription Inserts
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Join Eyeglass Tyler as he goes through all the Anon goggles from smallest to largest and points out the features of each.

Cylindrical vs. Spherical Lenses

Anon snow goggle size guide

The most common lens shapes for snow goggles are cylindrical and spherical. There is also a cross between a cylindrical and spherical lens that's called a toric lens.

Usually, the difference between cylindrical and spherical comes down to your personal preference. Cylindrical goggles have a retro style and are more rigid and less bulky, but sit closer to the face and limit peripheral vision. Spherical lenses are bubble-shaped and provide a more optically correct view, but are bulkier and more likely for a lens to fall out in a crash. Meanwhile, toric lenses curve in a different way than the previous types for the most optically correct view. However, since this is a relatively new technology, only a few goggles have it.

Anon offers cylindrical, spherical, and toric snow goggles. To learn more of the differences between snow goggle lens shapes, check out Spherical Vs. Cylindrical Lenses.

Anon Tracker 2.0

Anon's smallest goggles are the Tracker 2.0, best for ages 7 and under. These are a revamp of the original Tracker, now with MFI compatibility.

Anon Optics Tracker 2.0 snow goggles

Anon Optics Tracker 2.0 in Bot Green

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Key Anon Tracker 2.0 Features:

  • Cylindrical Precurved Lens hugs the natural curves of a young face while providing full perimeter venting.
  • Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI): Like Anon's adult goggles, the Tracker 2.0 is MFI compatible. This is a facemask that seals magnetically to the bottom of your goggles to provide a seamless fit on cold days.
  • Silicone-beaded strap secures to the back of a helmet.

Anon Relapse Jr

The Anon Relapse Jr is a size up from the Tracker and is best for preteen/tween ages.

Anon Optics Relapse Jr Youth snow goggles

Anon Optics Relapse Jr in Chickens

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Key Anon Relapse Jr Features:

  • Cylindrical lens shape gives you that super-cool, timeless style.
  • MFI compatibility for the kids who want to feel like pros.
  • Compatible with Anon helmets to protect your kiddo's head on the slopes.

Anon WM1

This one is a bestseller at SportRx, and was even nominated for Best Goggle at the 2018 REXYS. For more info, check out our WM1 Review.

Anon Optics WM1 women's snow goggles

Anon WM1 in Pearl White with PERCEIVE Cloudy Pink and PERCEIVE Variable Blue Lenses

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Key Anon WM1 Features:

  • Spherical lens shape provides superior optics.
  • Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology to let you easily swap lenses on the go.
  • MFI compatibility keeps your face covered even in sub-zero temperatures.
  • PERCEIVE lens tech enhances colors and contrast to their highest levels.
  • A women's-specific frame, meaning these were designed to fit the contours of a woman's face.

Anon WM3

Similarly to the WM1, the WM3 is a women's-specific frame from Anon. However, this one features a cylindrical lens rather than a spherical one because the female employees at Anon craved that retro look.

Anon Optics WM3 snow goggles

Anon WM3 in Black with PERCEIVE Variable Green + PERCEIVE Cloudy Pink Lenses

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Key Anon WM3 Features:

  • Injected lens hugs your face with expanded peripherals
  • Magna-Tech ensures seamless lens swapping
  • PERCEIVE lens tech enhances color and contrast on the slopes
  • MFI compatible—keeps your face covered without having to adjust your facemask

Anon M2

The next size up is the Anon M2, a unisex design. These goggles are a medium fit.

Anon Optics WM3 snow goggles

Anon Optics M2 MFI Goggle in Black Frame

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Key Anon M2 Features:

  • Spherical lens shape provides clear, distortion-free optics.
  • Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change Technology—switching lenses has never been so easy.
  • Debuts Anon's PERCEIVE lens tech for bright and bold colors
  • Semi-rimless frame is a cool, sleek style.

Anon M3

In terms of sizing, the M3 is more or less the same as the M2 but with a different frame design—still unisex!

Anon M3

Anon M3 in Black

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Key Anon M3 Features:

  • Has a cylindrical lens rather than a spherical one. This makes it slightly less bulky.
  • MFI compatible for those chilly days.
  • Terrain-defining PERCEIVE lenses.
  • A full frame that rests closer to the face for a classic goggle look.

Anon Sync

The Anon Sync is a large fit and was a new release for the 2019/2020 season. These goggles are a great cost-effective choice without sacrificing performance. Only going for a few runs this year? Sync up with the Anon Sync.

Anon Optics Sync snow goggles

Anon Sync in Gray Pop with PERCEIVE Cloudy Pink + PERCEIVE Variable Blue Lenses

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Key Anon Sync Features:

  • The cylindrical and rimless frame equals one cool-looking goggle. It also gives you better peripheral vision.
  • A deeper nose pocket for the bigger noses out there. If you normally feel pinched when you wear goggles, these are for you.
  • PERCEIVE lenses ensure ultimate color and clarity.
  • A unisex design makes a good fit for anyone.

Anon M4

Last but not least is the L to XL Anon M4. These REXY-winning goggles come with all kinds of cool features.

Anon Optics M4 snow goggles

Anon M4 in Black with PERCEIVE Sunny Red + PERCEIVE Cloudy Burst Lenses

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Key Anon M4 Features:

  • Toric lens shape for the most optically correct vision.
  • Includes the MFI neckwarmer.
  • Two frame types—A soft and malleable inner frame and rigid outer frame combined to make a comfortable fit.
  • PERCEIVE lenses enhance color and contrast
  • Adjustable strap fits most faces.

Prescription Inserts

All of the above snow goggles are compatible with a prescription insert! SportRx designed and manufactured this insert to fit Anon snow goggles, so all you have to do is customize it to your prescription and snap it to the inside of your goggles. We also suggest adding an anti-fog coating to your insert so your day won't be ruined by fogged-up vision. Get started by shopping via the link below.

Prescription Inserts for Snow Goggles

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