Adidas has just released a brand new sunglasses frame called the Adidas Wayfinder AD30. In this SportRx episode Rusty and Sunglass Rob discuss the Wayfinder AD30 which works great with a wide variety of prescriptions. The sunglasses are great for both an everyday look and a performance sports feel. Overall, these are definitely more of a hybrid frame which offers a perfect blend of function and design!

The Adidas Wayfinder AD30 is a highly stylized frame with that also perfectly meets performance expectations. The frames have no pressure along the side temples and unique nose pads. Thus, they are exceptionally comfortable as well as ultra lightweight. Additionally, they are very flexible with a traction grip on the inside to hold tight during sport activities. On top of that, one of the best features are the unique nose pads. The double snap nose pad with a rubberized grip allows for complete adjustability to accommodate any face size. If you have a wide or narrow nose you can adjust the glasses and secure them for a perfect fit. In addition, an extra set of nose pads is included. This extra set is more of a saddle nose bridge with a grip all the way around. Furthermore, using this nose pad, you can perform extreme sports without worrying about your glasses coming loose!

Key Features

  • Medium to average size fit
  • Additional performance nose pad included
  • Snap Hinges that guide themselves
  • Highly prescription adaptable
  • 6 different colors available
  • Priced from $89 to $169

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If you are looking for prescription sunglasses that you can use everyday or during sporting activities, then SportRx has you covered. The Adidas Wayfinder AD30 sunglasses are perfect for almost any prescription needs. With its amazing features, they will provide you top-notch vision and strength during both casual and sporting use. For more information simply Contact one of our expert opticians and they will gladly help you with any further questions to help get you the perfect sunglasses!