On the lookout for a great new pair of cycling sunglasses? Read our top 7 tips before you buy!

1. Coverage and Wind Protection

Keep debris and wind out of your eyes by making sure your sunglasses cover your face. Wrap frames are best! Also check for venting to make sure they don't get fogged up on cold days.

2. Contrast-Enhancing Lenses

Gain the edge by spotting every pot hole and bump in the road before you get to them with contrast-enhancing lenses. Rose and copper tints boost contrast to their highest to help keep your vision sharp. Avoid dark grey tints unless you have light-sensitive eyes—they tend to lessen contrast.

3. Non-Slip Grip

Having non-slip grip on the nose and temples will keep your sunglasses on your face even while you're sweating and swerving. No more losing time to adjust them!

4. Helmet Capability

Make sure your sunglasses fit well underneath your helmet by testing them under your helmet before you go on a long ride. Also look for straight and slim temples while shopping for easiest removal.

5. To Polarize or Not to Polarize

This is up to your personal preference! Polarized lenses block glare but can have a negative effect on depth perception—they can also make it harder to spot something reflective like an oil slick. Cycling sunglasses are usually not polarized, but if you bike near the ocean or prefer not to have the interference of glare, more power to you! Read more about polarized cycling sunglasses here.

6. Interchangeable Lenses

No cycling sunglasses are complete without interchangeable lenses. Get one pair and multiple sets of lenses to cover any weather condition, any track, anytime, anywhere.

7. Prescription Lenses at SportRx

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