Best Way to Start Playing Softball

Softball is both recreational as well as a competitive high school and college sport. Certainly, there is a long list of things that could be recommended, but here are 5 softball tips for beginners that we hope will support you in loving the game from day one.

softball bats


1) What to wear

One not only hopes to play well, but looking good and put together on the field is important too. It is suggested to wear a pair of softball pants, colorful tall-socks that match your belt, and a loud/funny t-shirt that aligns with your teammates. After all, one deserves to appear to fit in even if one only got the idea from our list of 5 softball tips for beginners.

2) Sun and eye protection

Protection is the key word here as wearing a hat/visor, sunscreen, and the right eye protection (sunglasses) is critical. The visor helps to shade your eyes while looking towards the horizon, however, when you are chasing down a pop fly, be sure to throw your hat aside to assure it doesn’t get in your way. Here is where the need for sunglasses come in, as once your hat is off, the only way to find that ball in the great blue sky is to have on a nice pair of shades.

3) Equipment

One will need a softball glove that is not new and right off the shelf, but broken in a bit. Okay, we know this blog is centered around 5 softball tips for beginners, but remember that you are on a team and there are often a number of bats that can be shared. Since there are bats to share, that means you do not need to worry about purchasing one immediately. Look for a bat that feels good both in length and weight, while being sure that your top hand rests immediately above your bottom hand with no separation between the two while at the plate taking swings.

4) Stay within your limits

Always be sure to give 100% out there on the field. At all times, look to play at your best and not exceed your comfort of skill level just to look good out there. The best players of any game or sport always play within their abilities, which makes them shine and be unique out on the field!

5) Have fun

Be sure to make the game a social event. Relax out there as everyone started at zero once. Name your team something outlandish to distract your opponents, or even yell the loudest you can in the dugout during offensive cheering. Most importantly, everyone loves a game more when they feel included, so don’t be afraid to get your friends out there with you too. So there they are! We hope you've enjoyed our 5 softball tips for beginners. Can't wait to see you out on the field!