You may know 100% for their top-tier cycling sunglasses, but their high performance frame line isn't limited to just cycling. Stay with us to figure out what makes 100% sunglasses so great for baseball as well!

Table of Contents

1. What to Look for in 100% Baseball Sunglasses
1.1. Frame Technology
2.2. Lens Technology
2. Featured 100% Baseball Sunglasses
2.1. 100% Speedcoupe
2.2. 100% S3
3. Prescription Baseball Sunglasses at SportRx

What to Look for in 100% Baseball Sunglasses

While there are many key components to a great pair of baseball sunglasses, we've broken it up into 2 main categories to make things simple. The frame and lens technology are the two most important aspects to finding the best sunglasses for you on the field.

Frame Technology

Coverage: To protect your eyes from the sun during those long day games, we suggest a wrapped frame. Since 100% is primarily a cycling and motocross brand, their sport frames have that covered! If you have a higher prescription you may have to go for a flatter frame with a more everyday look, but we never say never. Try your first choice—if anyone can do it, it's certified opticians at SportRx.

Frame Materials: All 100% frames are made with TR-90 Grilamid. Grilamid is a special polymer that is lightweight, durable, and flexible even in extreme temperatures. You won't have to worry about your sunglasses being uncomfortable, that's for sure!

Fit: You'll want sunglasses that fit snugly against your head but not so tightly they cause pain. Remember, the goal is to wear them through all 9 innings without discomfort or slipping. Since baseball involves a lot of sprinting, make sure the frames you choose have rubberized grips on the nose and temples for exceptional hold even when you sweat. 100% employs something called Ultragrip rubber on its sport frames for this very purpose.

Lens Technology

Polarization: While polarized sunglasses are great for everyday activities and/or water sports, we don't recommend them for baseball because the polarized filter can affect your depth perception. When you rely on quick instincts and split second reactions to perform your best, every little distinction in your vision matters.

If you've played baseball with polarized lenses before and don't mind it, that's awesome! Just note your options are more limited. Our SportRx baseball lenses don't come polarized, nor do 100%'s HiPER lenses. If you're set on having polarized baseball sunglasses, you'll likely want to select a different SportRx lens (we suggest Freshwater Green), or 100%'s PEAKPOLAR lenses if you don't need prescription.

Lens Materials: Since you're going to be doing a lot of sprinting and sliding, you'll want impact-resistant lenses. All 100% lenses as well as SportRx-brand lenses are made of either polycarbonate or Trivex materials. Both of these materials are lightweight as well as impact and shatter resistant yet still provide pristine clarity.

100% is a brand with attention to detail, so their lenses also come with a hard coating to prevent scratching. Last but not least, their lenses have a HYDROILO coating to keep your sunglasses clean from water, dirt, oil, and fingerprints.

Color Enhancement: To spot the ball even against cloudy skies, you'll want a contrast-enhancing lens. If you get your 100% baseball sunglasses non-prescription, you can grab them with HiPER lens technology. HiPER lens tech is exclusive to the 100% brand and engineered to highlight even the tiniest details in plain sight.

However, the HiPER lenses are not available in prescription. If prescription is required, we suggest one of our many great SportRx baseball lenses such as Day and Night Contrast, The One II, or Field Day. All of these lenses are photochromic (transition) lenses and come in a warm brown or rose copper to give you that contrast boost you need.

Featured 100% Baseball Sunglasses

For a more in-depth look on each of these frames, check out our Top 3 100% Baseball Sunglasses.

100% Speedcoupe

100% Speedcoupe prescription baseball sunglasses

100% Speedcoupe in Matte White with HiPER Iceberg Blue Mirror Lenses

Shop 100% Speedcoupe

The Speedcoupe is built to match your speed. The integrated air scoops prevent fogging, while Ultragrip rubber on the nose pads and temple tips keep these securely on your face. Bare-hand even the hardest hit ground balls with confidence in these shades.

100% S3

100% S3 prescription baseball sunglasses

100% S3 in Matte Pink with HiPER Blue Multilayer Mirror Lens

Shop 100% S3

The S3 is sure to make you feel like a pro. The full shield lens blocks out sunlight from all directions to really help you zone in on the ball while the 5.5-base curve provides a better fit without distorting your peripheral vision. You won't miss a thing once you slide these bad boys on.

Note: This frame is not Rx-able.

Get the Best 100% Baseball Sunglasses at SportRx

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Need prescription 100% baseball sunglasses? Done. When you shop with us, you’ll find video guides and tooltips throughout the build process as you customize the perfect pair. An answer to all your questions is at your fingertips, and if you want to chat with an expert, Contact Us. We’ll put you in touch with one of our friendly in-house opticians who can help you build your prescription 100% baseball sunglasses.

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