There are tons of options when it comes to selecting the right size of glasses for everyday wear. We have narrowed down the process so you can find your next pair of prescription glasses with relative ease. Read on to find out how to find the right size prescription glasses for you.

Personal Style and Face Shape

The first things to consider are your personal style and face shape. You want to wear frames that complement your style and make you feel comfortable. Depending on the shape of your face you will want to pick frames that contrast with your face. For instance, if your face is oval, the best option is an angular frame. Alternatively, if your face is angular then you will want to pick a pair of round frames. Basically, most rounded faces look best with more angled glasses, while more angled faces look best with more rounded glasses. Balance is key here.

Consider Your Prescription

Next, you should consider your prescription. Keep in mind that some shapes and materials will be better than others depending on your prescription type, how strong it is, and whether it’s negative or positive. With a standard prescription, you have the most free-range in choice of styles. With progressives, there are three different areas of vision: distance, intermediate, and near. Make sure the lenses of your progressive glasses are tall enough to enable the full range of the prescription.

Check the Fit

The single most important factor in overall glasses fit is nose fit. When shopping for frames you want to make sure they are comfortable enough to wear day in and day out. They also need to be as wide as your face and not shake off your face or slip off of your nose.

If you frequently struggle with glasses sliding down your nose bridge, consider looking into Asian Fit (also called Universal Fit). These types of glasses account for a flatter nose bridge by having slightly wider temples and extra padding on the nose.

In short, the frames you choose should be based on your style, face shape, and fit.

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