Love to be in the sun but hate the wrinkle-inducing squinting it causes? We've got a simple solution so you can stop squinting and start enjoying those beautifully sunny days. Continue on to find out which lens colors are best for bright days, blue light, and even light-sensitive eyes.

Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

1. Dense Tints
1.1. Grey
1.2. Dark Green Smoke/ G-15
1.3. Brown
1.4. Rose Copper
2. Polarization
3. Harmful HEV Blue Light
4. Light Sensitivity

Watch as Eyeglass Tyler gives you the full scoop on the best lens colors for bright light, blue light, and light sensitivity.

Dense Tints

For lens colors that absorb and block the most light transmission, let's take a look at our dense tints.


Grey is a popular dense tint because it blocks the most light transmission while maintaining true to world color, or a neutral color perception, that many people prefer to a contrast-enhancing lens tint.

Dark Green Smoke/G-15

The next powerful light-absorbing lens tint is dark green smoke, or what our Ray-Ban fans know as G-15. It's a super iconic lens color that enhances contrast slightly more than grey, while maintaining great light-blocking capabilities.


A brown lens color blocks light transmission and boosts contrast. This makes it a favorable option for our sport fans, because a contrast-enhancing lens helps you spot and track a baseball, or golf ball for instance, and to identify slight changes in terrain.

Rose Copper

While a rose copper lens tint doesn't block quite as much light transmission as the others, it does have the most contrast-enhancing capabilities, making it the best option for sport application. Eyeglass Tyler highly recommends a mirror coating (to reflect light) with a rose copper tint for a great combination that boosts color and blocks light.


No matter which lens color you choose, we always recommend polarized lenses for bright light conditions. Polarization cuts through the annoying and uncomfortable glare that bounces off surfaces like windshields, asphalt, and grass. A mirror coating is a great feature to add to a polarized lens to both block and reflect unusable light with a nice dark lens.

Note: Polarization can be an issue when it comes to sports because it can affect your depth perception. Consult one of our friendly sports opticians before you choose a polarized lens for sport sunglasses.

Harmful HEV Blue Light

We've all been schooled on the harmful effects of UV rays, but what's the deal with blue light? Shortwave blue light has been proven to have long-term damaging effects on our vision. Brown and copper lens colors are not only great for bright days, they naturally protect against blue light as well. Yellow and amber lenses also naturally handle blue light, but they don't block enough light for bright days.

Transitions lenses don't make the cut for an ideal bright day lens color, but we do want to point out that they have an awesome formula that inherently absorbs and blocks blue light.

Light Sensitivity

Whether you have blue eyes or simply find yourself to be light-sensitive, choosing a darker lens color is going to help tremendously on a bright day. Aside from rose copper, any of the dense tints we mentioned will be a good option, however grey is our top pick. Add a mirror coating to your grey lens, and your light-sensitive eyes will be comfortable and protected in their dark home.

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