In the fishing community, you will always hear people talking about certain reels and what features make them unique. Sunglass Rob is eager to learn about what a baitcast reel is and the technical aspects every fisherman should know. Professional Costa Bass Angler, Todd Woods, is here to take Rob on a baitcast reel 101 class and explain how to use it on the water. Check out the video and information below to learn more!

Baitcast Reel Features

The simple definition of a Baitcast Reel is a rod that has a revolving spool which sits on top of the casting rod. It also typically will have a trigger handle to help with overall grip. Baitcasting reels come in either left or right handed, but the handles are not interchangeable like a spinning reel. All Baitcast reels will have a gear ratio. A gear ratio lets you know the speed of the reel. For example, a common gear ratio is 6.4:1. The first number indicates how many times the spool spins for one crank. So with a 6.4:1 ratio the spool will spin 6.4 times with one crank. Most of these reels will offer three different gear ratios that are designed for different fishing environments. The last thing to notice is the braking system. Essentially, this system controls the rotation of the spool during your cast. You can adjust the brake system with the knob that's located on the reel handle side.

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