It's fall once more, which means awards season is approaching. That's right, it's nearly time for the REXYS once again. But what are these awards and why do they matter? We'll explain everything below!

Table of Contents

1. REXY Origins
2. How are the REXY Winners Decided?
3. REXYS Impact

Sunglass Rob explains the REXYS from his perspective. Watch below or keep reading for a more detailed explanation!

REXY Origins

The SportRx Awards, or REXYS for short, are the brainchild of SportRx CEO Dan Bruton. The REXYS is an award show that narrows down the absolute best eyewear the industry has to offer. It's also an incredibly fun way to thank and celebrate all the hard work the industry performs in making these great products, in the form of an event! After all, the entertainment industry has award shows galore, so why not do the same for eyewear?

The first REXYS was held at Vision Expo West in Las Vegas (circa fall 2018). Each year we bring the show back to celebrate all the amazing contributions the brands bring to the industry and the consumer. We have a passion for eyewear, and want everyone else to share that passion with us.

COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 show was held remotely, and due to the current evolution of the pandemic, we decided to play it safe again this year. No less effort goes into the shows as we work around the clock on making sure all REXYS meet SportRx standards and accurately represent our passion for it. You can check out the full stream of the 2020 awards on our YouTube channel. Our 2021 stream is coming soon!

How are the REXY Winners Decided?

We combine three areas of our expertise for determining winners: sales data, customer reviews, and optician feedback. This means our winners sell well, customers love them, and they have the stamp of approval from our in-house opticians.

Each metric is important, but we combine all of these factors for an accurate judgment on selecting the best of the best. Our wealth of optical knowledge matters in understanding how optics work versus how they're intended to work.

Our unique position as a leading eyewear retailer guarantees we have direct consumer feedback, good partnerships in the industry, and a wealth of knowledge in optics. This annual event celebrates all things great about the eyewear industry — and we’re excited for another great year of recognitions and epic frames.

REXYS Impact

With a spirit of collaboration and industry growth, the REXYS provides a platform for the eyewear industry to come together to find solutions for eyewear needs. In 2018, it spurred a meeting of the minds — “The Women’s Summit” - where women across the industry came together at the SportRx HQ to discuss design needs for active women. The conversation hasn’t stopped, and we’re excited to see how the industry continues to evolve and grow in the sport frame category for women. We've used this event as a platform for addressing this pain point and urging the industry to improve. Since then, brands like Nike have built a concerted effort on releasing excellent sports frames designed for women.

Purchase award-winning sunglasses and eyeglasses today! When shopping on, keep an eye out for the gold or silver icon saying "REXY Award." Gold icons signify winners, while silver icons represent nominees.

REXY Winner Oakley Flak 2.0 XL

Visit our REXYS page for a full list of the winners and nominees for each year — dating all the way back to 2018.

Catch the 2021 REXYS streaming on October 14, 2021. We hope to see you there!