Golf is one of the most watched sports worldwide. Many fans flock all over the world to watch the best in the game compete. However, when it comes to golf events there are 4 tournaments that stand out the most. These 4 important golf tournaments are called "The Majors". They are The Masters, The Open, U.S. Open, and the PGA Championship. Winning any of these events will truly solidify your status as one of the greatest golfers to ever tee off. To learn more about some of the interesting facts about each of these major golf events, continue reading along.

The Masters

The Masters is the epitome of golf championships. Located in Augusta, Georgia, winning the prestigious green jacket truly enters you into an elite class with names like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Tiger Woods. Since 1934, The Masters has taken place at the Augusta National Golf Club. This course is one of the most beautiful courses in all of golf, known for its Azalea flowers. Getting the opportunity to compete in this tournament is truly an honor.

Majors 1


The Open

The British Open or Open Championship is our next stop on the list of majors. The British Open is always held on a links golf course in the United Kingdom. What this means is that there are no trees on the course and 'pot bunkers' are everywhere. Also, every year the event is held at a different course, except every 5 years, the event is held at St. Andrews golf course ('00, '05, '10 etc.). This event has taken place for 148 years, and every player is vying for the Claret Jug or Golf Champion of The Year.

Majors 2

British Open

U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is held in the United States and is known for being the toughest scoring Major. The atmosphere at this event is truly remarkable with so many breathtaking saves and up and downs from immensely tough situations. Jack Nicklaus is tied with 3 other golfers for the most wins at this event that has been dating back to 1895. That is very impressive considering this Major is notorious for being difficult.

Majors 3

U.S. Open

PGA Championship

The unique thing about this event is club professionals who previously qualified are allowed to compete amongst the best players in the world. This past PGA Championship was the 100th PGA Championship, and Brooks Koepka was fortunate enough to win. His long driving and formidable putting brought home the win for him. The Wanamaker Trophy is one of the heaviest trophies in golf, weighing in at 27 lbs.

4 Majors

PGA Championship

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