Sunglasses not up to par with your golf game? Under Armour has a lot to offer, so don't miss out! From their sport-inspired frame and lens technology to their new Tuned Golf contrast-enhancing lenses, you've got to check them out. Stick with us as we go over what to look for in Under Armour golf sunglasses.

What to Look for in Under Armour Golf Sunglasses

1. Frame Technology
1.1. Coverage
1.2. Frame Materials
1.3. Fit
2. Lens Technology
2.1. Polarization
2.2. Lens Materials
2.3. Color Enhancement
3. Featured Under Armour Golf Sunglasses

What to Look for in Under Armour Golf Sunglasses

Frame Technology

Coverage: One of the best things about golf? It's enjoyed in the great outdoors! This means you need plenty of protection from the sun. A wraparound and semi-rimless frame gives you plenty of side coverage for your eyes and an unobstructed line of sight.

Frame Materials: A game of golf can be an all-day affair, so your sunglasses should be feather-light so they don't weigh you down. Under Armour uses durable and lightweight Grilamid to construct frames you'll forget are even on your face. Their sport sunglasses are also equipped with a Three-Point Grip system on the nose pad and temples to keep them in place when you sweat.

Fit: The key to long-lasting wear is comfort. Golf sunglasses should be snug, but not too tight. You want to hit the sweet spot where they aren't slipping off your face, but they also aren't squeezing your temples and causing a headache. Under Armour has an adjustable rubber nose pad and temples to ensure you get an individualized fit that molds to your face and head shape.

Lens Technology

Polarization: The decision to go with polarized lenses for your golf sunglasses ultimately comes down to personal preference. Polarized lenses block harsh glare you may experience while you're out on the course, especially if you're by the water or sand traps.

On the other hand, polarization can affect your depth perception and ability to read the green, inducing eye strain. For these reasons, many golfers opt to forego polarized lenses. If you want to learn more, head to Golf Sunglasses: Polarized or Not?

Lens Material: Under Armour uses a polycarbonate lens material in its sports frames that is 10x stronger than standard lenses. Even golf has its hazards! Always choose impact-resistant and shatterproof lenses to be safe. In addition to the strong, lightweight material, ArmourSight lens technology ensures clear, edge-to-edge peripheral vision.

Color Enhancement: Contrast-enhancing lenses are a must-have in your golf sunglasses. Under Armour Tuned Golf lens tints give you an advantage by boosting color and contrast on the course so you have increased depth perception and an easier time spotting and tracking the ball. Still, have questions? Find out the best lens color for golf here.

Featured Under Armour Golf Sunglasses

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Under Armour Big Shot

Under Armour Big Shot in Satin Carbon & Black-Golf Tuned Lens

Under Armour Big Shot in Satin Carbon & Black-Golf Tuned Lens

Shop Under Armour Big Shot

For everything you could want in your golf sunglasses, check out Under Armour Big Shot. The ArmourFusion frames won't weigh you down, and the Three-Point Grip keeps them comfortable and secure no matter how many holes you play. Available in Tuned Golf and prescription lenses, they offer distortion-free vision and contrast enhancement to help you read the course with precision.

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