Smith Gage helmet is here! Not only does the Gage offer superior technology, but Smith is making a bold statement with this helmet’s unexpected smooth design that offers great style. Our team is highly recommending the Smith Gage helmet because it gets the job done in every season. Check out our review by Smith's very own Graham Sours below:

Smith Optics helmet technology is the best in the business and they don’t shy away from it with their Gage helmet. Smith Gage helmet is a strong durable helmet with its full ABS Bombshell construction and offers a great Lifestyle Fit System to go along with your up-and-go lifestyle. Aware of both hot and cold weather conditions while riding, Smith Gage helmet has fixed ventilation to ensure optimal comfort. The design of this helmet is all about making you look and feel great while enjoying the outdoors- everything from the removable goggle clip and earpads, to the nice aesthetic brim to keep snow off of your goggles.

Smith Gage Helmet Features

    • Bombshell construction
    • Airflow climate control
    • 12 vents
    • All-season use
    • Self adjusting Lifestyle Fit System
    • Removable Bombshell earpads
    • AirEvac 2 Ventilation
    • Removable goggle lock
    • Beanie compatible

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Smith Gage Helmet

Smith Gage Helmet featured in Matte White

Technology Breakdown

Bombshell Construction

The Gage snow helmet by Smith has a full ABS Bombshell construction that gives one of the toughest molds out there. This helmet construction is able to withstand extremely high-impacts, giving you an incredibly durable helmet you can trust. Not only that, but Smith Gage helmet is also dent and ding resistant.

Airflow Climate Control

The Gage helmet has all the right vents in all the right places... 12 to be exact. This is to ensure proper control over all climate conditions, whether it is a hot or cold day outside. The vents maximize airflow and get rid of unwanted heat exhaustion. You are also able to open and close vent flaps depending on weather conditions for your desired comfort.

Lifestyle Fit System

The Lifestyle Fit System (LFS) on the Gage helmet allows you to grab-and-go so you don't have to think twice before hitting the slopes. This feature is self-adjusting, giving you a dynamic fit. LFS accommodates a wide rang of head sizes, giving you mobility and comfort.

AirEvac 2 Ventilation

It is important to Smith that they offer helmets that have an ultimate integration between the helmet and goggles so they work together as one system. Smith Gage helmet incorporates this integration through its AirEvac 2 Ventilation system. This feature removes warm air away from goggles through vents and channels in the EPS liner.

Smith Snow Prescription Goggles

Whether you need a helmet for the slopes or the trails, SportRx has got you covered with the Smith Gage helmet. Given the advanced helmet technology and smooth design of Smith Gage helmet, it's hard not to want to get your hands on this helmet. Lucky you, you can get your very own Gage helmet online at SportRx today. You can also get a pair of Smith Snow Goggles to fit with your helmet! Simply contact an Optician at SportRx and we can create custom tailor prescription google inserts for your Rx needs. Keep your vision clear and head safe with Smith.