If you wear prescription eyewear, chances are you've found yourself confused by the seemingly similar types of vision corrections. We're going to tackle single vision vs. near vision by explaining what they are, how they're different, and how you know if you need this type of correction.

Single Vision vs. Near Vision

1. Single Vision
2. Near Vision
3. Do I Need Near Vision Correction?

Watch as Eyeglass Tyler succinctly defines each type of correction and how you know what's right for you.

Single Vision

Single vision refers to a lens correction for a single focal length. This length can either be distance or near, but the lens will only correct for one length.

Near Vision

Near vision is a subset of single vision. It's single vision for near focal length, as opposed to distance. Lenses that correct for near vision are most often for reading or handheld devices. Even a computer screen is often past the point of correction for near vision and requires its own intermediate correction.

Multifocal lenses have a near vision correction in addition to other focal lengths.

Do I Need Near Vision Correction?

It's pretty easy to tell if you need near vision correction even before an eye exam. If you can see close-up words and objects clearly, your near vision probably doesn't need any correction. But if words and objects become blurry up close, you'll want to try out a near vision correction in your glasses.

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