Running in the sun is a great way to increase endorphins, soak in some vitamin D, and maybe even get a nice tan. So with all that sun shining down, you're probably in need of a pair of running sunglasses right? Yes, yes you are. So once you find the pair that's right for you, it's important to know what lens features to get. So whether you run on the road or in the trails, check out this video with Eyeglass Tyler and read on to learn if you should get polarized lenses.

Should You Get Polarized Lenses for Running?

1. What is Polarization?
2. Road
3. Trail
4. Should I Get Polarized Lenses?

What is Polarization?

Polarization is a filter in the lens that cuts light on a horizontal plane which is where the majority of glare exists. Glare bounces off other objects like water or asphalt or windows. Polarized lenses filter that harsh light and help to enhance your vision. This feature reduces the intensity of the light shining down so you can see better. Basically, a polarized lens means less squinting and eye strain so you can run for many more miles.

For the Road Runners

Polarized lenses are a great option for you. When you’re running on the roads or in areas with little variation in terrain you’re exposed to more of the sun's UV rays. With that exposure, you’ll need more coverage and strength in your lenses to reduce the exposure of light, which is why polarized lenses are a great option for a roadrunner.

For the Trail Trekkers

We don’t recommend a polarized lens for trail running. This is because polarized lenses have been known to affect depth perception, which can lead to headaches. The upside to this answer is that in the trails there's less sun exposure. So with fewer sun rays shining down on your run, you’re less likely to need such an increase in lens reduction.

Should I Get Polarized Lenses?

Whether or not you need polarized lenses for running is primarily determined by your environment. A great pair of running sunglasses should keep you focused on running and less about the sun's rays. These are just some helpful tips for you to acknowledge when you’re checking out with your new running sunglasses. No matter what you decide to go with, all we hope is that your run makes you happy. So run Forrest, run!

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