Revo prescription sunglasses online, Revo sunglasses online

Being the optical geeks that we are, it takes a lot to impress us when it comes to sunglasses. When the Revo reps rolled up to our SportRx showroom in San Diego and showcased their unique Revo sunglasses collection, we were thoroughly impressed to say the last. Say hello to Revo.

Revo Guide S, Revo Guide S prescription sunglasses online

Introducing Revo Guide S sunglasses. These bad boys are equipped with ventilated temples, presenting a full-functioning sports sunglasses frame that has a fit as goods as it looks.

Revo was founded in the magical year of 1985 and its sunglasses are engineered by rocket scientists...well okay, sort of. Revo uses the same UV protective technology on its lenses that NASA uses on its satellites. Over the last 30 years, Revo sunglasses have pioneered the polarized lens technology game, offering the most advanced lenses available.

Revo Straightshot, Revo Straightshot prescription sunglasses

Revo Straightshot sunglasses acome equipped with anti-slip nose pads and unique rubber logos to ensure a secure fit. Composed of Serelium material, this Revo sunglasses frame is sure to keep up with your active lifestyle.

What makes Revo lenses so special? Revo sunglass lenses are armed with its innovative Light Management System, creating a defense against the full light spectrum. Not only do Revo lenses manage UV rays, but they also protect against blue light and High Energy Visible (HEV) light. What's more, Revo's authentic oleophobic coating repels water, oil, sweat, dirt, dust, ink, and even finger prints.

Revo Nash, Revo Nash prescription sunglasses online

Revo Nash sunglasses are a unique approach to the classic navigator style of frame, offering superior style and functionality.

All Revo lenses are constructed with either signature Serelium or Crystalmaterials. The Serelium™ material is impact-resistant and is engineered with durable, lightweight polycarbonate. The Crystal material is scratch-resistant and polished to such pristine levels that only camera lenses can compare. That same level of quality transfers over into Revo's handcrafted frames as well, finding its origins in American and Italian workshops.

Revo's Descend E, Revo Descend E prescription sunglasses online

Revo Descend E sunglasses are top-notch sports sunglasses, designed with Motion-Fit technology and rimless lenses to give you a panoramic field of vision while maintaining a secure fit.

Need Revo prescription sunglasses? We've got you covered. Custom-build your Revo prescription sunglasses online or call or chat with our friendly opticians for expert service! We're here to help 7 days a week!