Original Wayfarers with clear prescription lenses

Original Wayfarers Eyesize 50 with clear prescription lenses

Ray-Ban Wayfarers with Clear Lenses. We get asked this all the time: “Can you put clear lenses in my sunglass frames?” People want this for a variety of reasons, whether it’s for safety eyewear, to ride their bike or motorcycle at night, or for the cool, trendy look – especially with the Ray Ban Wayfarers. You know, those swanky glasses you probably see six cashiers wearing when you stop into your neighborhood Trader Joe’s store.

Ray-Ban Wayfarers with Clear Lenses

SportRx President Rockin' It

The process is really simple. We take the Ray Ban Wayfarers and pop out the original non-prescription sunglass lenses. And instead of turning them into prescription sunglasses, we make them into everyday, prescription eyeglasses. In fact, our own president, Dan, has a really cool pair that we set up that way. We can set you up with a custom pair of your own. Order online from SportRx and choose the clear option when you select your lens color at check-out. Feel free to call us up if you have more questions!