You know the name, you recognize the frame. Built with unbeatable quality and technology, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer has survived the test of time. These unisex sunglasses are a go-to for any occasion and are sure to always make an impression.

Why reinvent the wheel? Wayfarers have been a huge success for Ray-Ban; it only makes sense to offer a few variations. However, with a handful of options, choosing your next look can get a little confusing. That's where SportRx comes in! We break down the differences between all four styles to make your selection as simple as possible.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Guide

1. Original Wayfarer
2. New Wayfarer
3. Wayfarer Ease
4. Wayfarer II

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer 50 EYESIZE in black with crystal G-15 lenses
First up is one that started it all, the RB2140 Original Wayfarer. Giving a retro look with its titled frame, the RB2140's pantoscopic tilt can be found in Hollywood movies since its debut in 1952. If you love the look but need a comfier fit, no need to worry. Continue reading below for more Wayfarers options!

Key Features

(Details on: Original Wayfarer Sizing)

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer

RB2132 prescription sunglasses
Next up, the Ray-Ban New Wayfarer brings a contemporary frame structure to the Wayfarer design. It reduces the pantoscopic tilt meaning more overhead protection, and uses a shorter lens height for better comfort and a more modern look.

Key Features

RB2132 vs. RB2140 - tilt and height comparison

Original Wayfarer (Left) vs New Wayfarer (right)

(Details on: New Wayfarer Sizing)

Ray-Ban RB4340 Wayfarer Ease

RB4340 WAYFARER EASE in Black with G-15 lenses

The Wayfarer Ease is everything we love about the original, with better comfort. With the same square shape and less pantoscopic tilt, this frame is a great choice for everyday wear.

Key Features

  • Original Wayfarer Shape
  • Aka No-Tilt Wayfarer
  • One Size: 50
  • Eyeglass Version - RB4340V

Ray-Ban RB2185 Wayfarer II

RB2185 52 EYESIZE. Black with G-15 lenses

Presenting the most recent Wayfarer style, the RB2185 Wayfarer II brings an updated look to the Original. The Wayfarer II features modern round lenses for a slight cat-eye effect, and has thinner temples for a lighter look and feel.

Key Features:

Prescription Ray-Ban Wayfarer

With four different designs, there's a Ray-Ban Wayfarer for everyone. Each available in prescription! Prescription Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses now come with authentic Ray-Ban lenses featuring the logo. Not sure which Wayfarer is quite right for you? Contact a certified optician! They'll help you choose the best frame for your individual features, and answer any other questions along the way.

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