Since 1937, Ray-Ban has been an industry leader in style and function. Ray-Ban sunglasses and Ray-Ban eyeglasses are built with unbeatable quality and technology to deliver you a combination of sophistication and fun. Ray-Ban has a few best selling frames that have survived the test of time. You know the name, you recognized the frame...the Ray-Ban Wayfarer is the most iconic sunglass design. Wayfarer unisex sunglasses are fashionable for any occasion, and sure to always make an impression.

Why reinvent the wheel? The Ray-Ban Wayfarer has been a huge success for Ray-Ban, so it only makes sense to offer a few variations. This way, everyone can rock the Ray-Ban Wayfarer! With the different options, it can get a little confusing what the differences are...that's where SportRx comes in! We break down the differences among the Ray-Ban Wayfarer Original, New Wayfarer, and Wayfarer Ease.

Original Wayfarer RB2140

Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer 50 eyesize, Ray-Ban Prescription WayfarerThe Original Wayfarer RB2140 gives a super-retro style with a titled frame. The angle will depend on your face shape and nose bridge. Sticking with the classic style, the Original Wayfarer is the way..to go.

  • Two sizes 50 and 54
  • First Wayfarer (original design)
  • Pantoscopic tilt

(Details on: Original Wayfarer sizing)

New Wayfarer RB2132

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer prescription sunglassesThe New Wayfarer brings a simple clean frame structure to the Wayfarer design by eliminating the tilt and using a shorter lens. A more comfortable and modern look.

  • 3 sizes 52, 55, 58 (true extra large)
  • Eliminates the pantoscopic tilt
  • Offers a higher level of protection and clarity
  • More natural fit
  • Len's height is more narrow and less tall

(Details on: New Wayfarer sizing)

Wayfarer Ease RB4340

Ray-Ban Ease Wayfarer prescription sunglassesPresenting the most recent Wayfarer style: The Wayfarer Ease brings an updated look to the Original. Ease gives off a more laid-back feeling and is a good choice for everyday wear.

  • The newest Wayfarer style
  • Aka no tilt Wayfarer
  • Same as the Original Wayfarer minus the tilt
  • Easily slides on and off
  • Only 1 size 50 currently
New Wayfarer vs. Original Wayfarer - tilt Sharper angle in the tilt on the original Wayfarer (left)

Key differences between original and new Wayfarer: the tilt and lens height

More info on Original Wayfarer vs. New Wayfarer


With three different designs, there's a Ray-Ban Wayfarer for everyone! Each Wayfarer is even available in prescription! Prescription Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses now come with authentic Ray-Ban lenses and logo! Not sure which Ray-Ban Wayfarer is quite right for you? Just contact a certified optician! They'll help ya figure out the best frame fit for you and answer any other questions you have!