Have you ever tried on a pair of glasses that seem to take over your face? A bold pair of glasses is a great statement piece. But sometimes you want a pair of glasses that accentuate your features, without overshadowing them. The transparent glasses frame style is a popular one that isn't going away any time soon — and we can see why. Transparent glasses are the perfect choice for those who wear glasses and want that 'barely there' look. They're neutral and go with everything, making them perfect for any occasion. Keep reading to see some of our favorite prescription Ray-Ban transparent eyeglasses.

Ray-Ban Transparent Eyeglasses

1. RB7047 Two-Tone Transparent Eyeglasses

2. RB5154 Clubmaster Transparent Eyeglasses

3. RB6396 Transparent Eyeglasses

4. RB5228 Grey Transparent Eyeglasses

RB7047 Two-Tone Transparent Eyeglasses

The RB7047 is a well-known fan favorite. Simple in design and made of lightweight nylon, this eyeglass is comfortable for all-day wear. With a two-tone colorway, this unique frame style combines a transparent frame front, with black temples. Fans of the RB7047 love this frame for its lightweight feel and stability. The RB7047 comes in two sizes:

  • 54mm eye size with an SFW of 135mm
  • 56mm eye size with an SFW of 137mm

One SportRx customer called the RB7047, "the best frames I've ever worn."

To find out if the RB7047 is the best frame for you, check out our RB7047 Overview Video.

ray-ban rb7047 transparent clear eyeglasses


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RB5154 Clubmaster Transparent Eyeglasses

The Clubmaster is an iconic, classic Ray-Ban style loved by many since 1986. Due to its popularity, Ray-Ban expanded the Clubmaster collection into its line of optical eyeglasses. The acetate brow line is a signature accent of the Clubmaster style. If you tried the original Clubmaster and felt the dark brow bar was too harsh, this is the Clubmaster frame for you. In the White Transparent color seen below, the glasses feature a mixed-metal look with transparent acetate and silver accents. Fans of the RB5154 Clubmaster love this frame for its fun look and great qualilty. The RB5154 Clubmaster is available in two eye sizes:

  • 49mm eye size with an SFW of 133mm
  • 51mm eye size with an SFW of 137mm

To learn more about the RB5154 Clubmaster, watch our RB5154 Clubmaster Overview video.


Ray-Ban RB5154 clubmaster glasses white transparent


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RB6396 Transparent Eyeglasses

The RB6396 is a modern take on the optical Clubmaster. Made of acetate, metal, and steel, this frame has sharper edges and features a more rounded lens shape than the Clubmaster Classic. The RB6396 is a comfortable frame featuring a transparent acetate brow line and transparent acetate temple tips. Ray-Ban fans love the intellectual style of the Clubmaster silhouette. This super sleek frame is available in two sizes:

  • 51mm eye size with a SFW of 139mm
  • 53mm eye size with an SFW of 141mm

To learn more about the RB6396, watch our RB6396 Overview video.

RB6396 Transparent Eyeglasses


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RB5228 Grey Transparent Eyeglasses

Looking for a transparent frame that stands out a little more than the clear frames? Check out the RB5228 in transparent grey. The transparent grey color provides the same look as the clear transparent frames, but with an extra pop of neutral color. The RB5228 is similar in shape to the RB7047. But the RB5228 features the iconic Ray-Ban rivets on the front of the rectangular frame, for that undeniable Ray-Ban style. Fans of the RB5228 love this frame for the great fit, and easy style. The RB5228 is available in three sizes:

  • 50mm eye size with an SFW of 126mm
  • 53mm eye size with an SFW of 132mm
  • 55mm eye size with an SFW of 137mm

Make your eyes pop in the RB5228 in Grey Transparent. To learn more about the RB5228, check out our RB5228 Overview video.

RB5228 Ray-Ban Grey Clear Eyeglasses


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