Whether your kids are reuniting with their classmates and heading into school for 2021 or taking classes from the comfort of their own home, there is one accessory that has become very important over the last few years. Eyeglasses! When virtual classes only allow you to be seen from the shoulders up, there is no better way to accessorize than quality eyewear. Now, with more time spent on digital devices than ever, your kids can express themselves through the colors and shapes of their prescription and blue light blocking glasses. That is why we have the top Ray-Ban choices for our back to school glasses sale!

Top Back to School Glasses Sale Picks

Teens & Adolescents
1. RB6465 Jack
2. RB6396
3. RB5279
Children & Kids
1. RY1536
2. RY1591

Top Picks - Back to School Glasses Sale

Teens & Adolescents

Ray-Ban RB6465 Jack

Ray-Ban Back to School Glasses Sale Pick: RAY-BAN RB6465 JACK in legend gold with clear lenses

Ray-Ban RB6465 Jack in Legend Gold

Shop Ray-Ban RB6465 Jack

The first choice for our back-to-school glasses sale will be the Ray-Ban RB6465 Jack. Taking two best-sellers and combining them for this unique piece, the Jack is flat on the top part of the lens and round on the bottom. The wire frame is thin yet durable and features etched details for an elegant, delicate look.


Ray-Ban RB6396

Ray-Ban Back to School Glasses Sale Pick: RAY-BAN RB6396 in silver with clear lenses

Ray-Ban RB6396 in Silver

Shop Ray-Ban RB6396

Next up for our teens and adolescents is the Ray-Ban RB6396. If you like a sophisticated look, these glasses are right for you. They are a fresh take on the Ray-Ban Clubmaster with a mixed composition of acetate, metal, and steel. This mix of materials gives this frame a flashy, standout quality that screams authenticity.


Ray-Ban RB5279

Ray-Ban Back to School Glasses Sale Pick: RAY-BAN RB5279 in dark Havana with clear lenses

Ray-Ban RB5279 in Dark Havana

Shop Ray-Ban RB5279

For a studious look, you can’t go wrong with the Ray-Ban RB5279. This frame gives a sleek, smart look with its bold acetate frame and slightly curved brow line. A white Ray-Ban logo is found along each temple, providing nice contrast to the RB5279’s deep colors.

Top Picks - Back to School Glasses Sale

Children & Kids

Ray-Ban RY1536

Ray-Ban Back to School Glasses Sale Pick: RAY-BAN JUNIOR RY1536 in black on transparent with clear lenses

Ray-Ban RY1536 in Top Black on Transparent

Shop Ray-Ban RY1536

First on our list of children’s frames is the Ray-Ban RY1536. This frame is made of bold acetate and gives your child a clean style. Simple enough in the front to go with any outfit, the RY1536 has a horizontal stripe on the temple to add extra style and color.


Ray-Ban RY1591

Ray-Ban Back to School Glasses Sale Pick: RAY-BAN JUNIOR RY1591 in violet stripped multicolor with clear lenses

Ray-Ban RY1591 in Violet Striped Multicolor

Shop Ray-Ban RY1591

Wrapping up the list of our featured back-to-school glasses sale picks is this fun frame, the Ray-Ban RY1591. It is perfect for those children who love to show their colorful personality and is available in multicolored frames.

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