If you're a pilot who wears a prescription, you may also be looking into progressives. Can those even work for pilots? Come find out with SportRx!

Progressive Lenses for Pilots

1. Can Pilots Wear Progressives?
2. Aviator Frames & Progressives
3. Lens Designs for Pilots
4. Lens Polarization
5. Prescription Sunglasses for Pilots at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler explains how progressive lenses work for pilots, then talks about other important information regarding lenses for pilots. Watch below or keep reading to learn more!

Can Pilots Wear Progressives?

Before you get started shopping for progressives, you need to know if they even work for pilots. And the answer is—probably.

If you already wear progressives in your everyday glasses, you'll know how well they work for you. Consider any specific advantages or difficulties you may have.

If you don't already wear progressives, one thing you should watch out for is peripheral vision distortion. The level of distortion and discomfort is different from person to person, but it generally doesn't cause huge issues.

A big upside of progressive lenses is the convenience of having every distance correction in one lens. This makes it easier to check both out the windshield and your instruments without having to squint or change glasses. You do have to point your nose at things, another aspect of progressive lenses that can be difficult to get used to, but we generally recommend them.

Aviator Frames & Progressives

Bausch & Lomb created the original Aviator design in 1936 specifically for pilots. Today, this style is a great option for progressive lenses due to the large lens height. The iconic teardrop shape has room for everything you need in a progressive lens, so aviator sunglasses should be top of your list.

Check out the original Ray-Ban Aviator below.

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Sunglassese Gold Metal Frame with Crystal Green G-15 Lenses and Clear Temple Tips

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator in Gold with Crystal Green G-15 Lenses

Shop Ray-Ban Aviator (58 Eyesize)

Plus, they're always in style and look great on everyone!

Lens Designs for Pilots

As far as specific lens features go, we always suggest digital lenses. Especially for progressives, digital lenses give you the best quality and clarity in your glasses or sunglasses. They also minimize the peripheral distortion inherent in progressive lenses. Tyler notes that you get what you pay for in this regard, so skimping on price will only result in a pair of sunglasses you never wear.

Lens Polarization

This is probably something pilots are aware of, but we feel it's worth mentioning anyway. If you're a pilot, we do not recommend getting polarized lenses. Plane windshields or the instrument dashboards are already polarized, so adding another polarized filter can black them out or make it very difficult to see. We love polarized lenses for everyday wear, but pilots should avoid them.

Prescription Sunglasses for Pilots at SportRx

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