Whether you're a new or seasoned prescription-wearer, we're here to help you understand how to maintain the best vision possible. What do progressives have to do with myopia, and what do those terms even mean? Keep reading for a concise and informative explanation of how progressive lenses help with myopia control.

Progressive Lenses for Myopia Control

1. What is Myopia?
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Watch as Eyeglass Tyler gives you the scoop on progressive lenses for myopia control.

What is Myopia?

For the sake of brevity, myopia is an eye condition that makes it difficult to see in the distance. It's commonly referred to as nearsightedness, and is a common correction among prescription-wearers. If you want to learn all the ins and outs, check out What is Myopia?

Progressives for Myopia

If you're wearing multi-focal lenses, chances are they're progressives. Progressives are great when it comes to getting hit with the age-related eye conditions; myopia and presbyopia. Presbyopia means you need additional correction to help you read, and as we mentioned, myopia means you need help seeing farther away. Progressive lenses tackle each condition with ease, enabling you to focus up close and in the distance.

Unfortunately, myopia and presbyopia don't go away and tend to worsen over time, so it's important to stay on top of your annual or biennial eye exams and maintain the best vision possible with the right corrective lenses.

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