Introducing the latest game changer in winter sports by POC Sports! POC is well known for being designed to ensure clarity and uncompromising vision. The company caters to both competitive skiers and snowboarders by offering Carl Zeiss lens technology along with an optimized wide field of vision. We love the added comfort and safety provided with the well designed vertical and peripheral vision offered on each model. It encompasses everything we want and need to be as smooth moving and free feeling on the slopes. Did we mention they look sweet too? Here's our POC Spectris Red Clarity Review!


Specifications Of POC Spectris Red Clarity

If you love POC ski gear or are interested in investing in a quality pair of goggles for your winter sports needs, then look no further. The new POC lens in the POC Spectris Red Clarity model lets in different amounts of light within the light spectrum. With these goggles, your view will have high contrast which is perfect for refining bumps and obstacles giving fast shredders the visibility they demand. These all new POC snow goggles let in 22 % of light and are great for partially cloudy days on the mountains, and changing conditions. So, if you don't want to carry around two pairs of goggles for low light and bright days, this versatile pair is perfect for you!


Prescription POC Goggles online at SportRx

For those that struggle with contact lens or constantly feel the hassle of placing in your own prescription glasses into your goggles, SportRx makes POC lens prescription inserts that are entirely compatible with POC winter sport goggles. We specialize in bringing lenses suited for your prescription needs with our high quality integrative technology. We hope that you enjoy our POC Spectris Red Clarity review! For more snow goggle reviews and tips check out our YouTube! Don't be shy, call us directly if you need a pair in prescription snow goggles for your next ski trip! We've got you covered...