POC Snow Goggles

Sunglass Rob hits the slopes with Zach and Adam of POC to test out the POC Silver Spektris Lens and has just two words: unreal clarity! In fact, Rob deems it almost unfair to see so clearly on the slopes. Now what athlete wouldn’t want that kind of edge over the competition? Zach explains that the Silver Spektris Lens is part of the POC Clarity Comp Series, specifically engineered to maximize the most amount of contrast possible within their lenses. Listen to what they have to say up on the ridge right here:

A Little About POC ...

POC is a Swedish company that has a strong mission to help gravity sports athletes stay safe. In fact, POC says, “a skier’s vision is the gateway to decision making.” That’s why they have collaborated with elite ski racers and Carl Zeiss AG, one of the largest and most respected optical firms in the world, to advance the technology of their lenses. POC works to improve an athlete’s performance and safety by enhancing sight and sensory, no matter what light conditions they find themselves in; sunny, partly sunny or overcast. And the Clarity Comp Series POC Silver Spektris Lens happens to be a perfect specimen of an everyday lens.

POC Silver Spektris Lens

Break it Down ... the POC Silver Spektris Lens

Did you hear Zach mention that the POC Silver Spektris Lens is a Category 3 lens with a VLT rating of 3-18%? Well, VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, which is the amount of light coming through the lens. That makes the POC Silver Spektris particularly great for bright conditions, while offering high contrast. The lens has a silver mirror coating that balances perfectly with a rose lens base. While the rose base tint supports the visible light, contrast and color transmitted to the eye, the mirror coating can enhance contrast and color and spare your eyes from glare and fatigue. Best yet, they are highly Rx-able!

Prescription POC Silver Spektris Lens at SportRx

So, we hope we've been, ahem, clear regarding the POC Silver Spektris Lens ... they provide unreal clarity! And if you are like Rob, and need a little prescription help, SportRx can hook you up there, too! Just contact us and one of our expert opticians can craft the perfect prescription POC Silver Spektris Lens, so you won't miss a nook or cranny on your way down the mountain!

One More Thing - Ever Gotten a Ticket in Park City?

If so, Rob, Zach and Adam want to hear about it! Give them the lowdown in the comment section! And hey, thanks for watching!