Whether you have dust, wood, concrete, chemicals, or other particles flying around during your normal day on the job, you know what an important role safety glasses play in your day-to-day life. ANSI, the American National Standards Institute, has developed standards for Safety Glasses in the workplace. Many companies require employees to wear ANSI rated eyewear to prevent possible injuries from occurring. The collection of Oakley safety glasses answer the demands of extreme safety needs and surpass expectations of safety glasses in general.

Table of Contents

1. Are All Oakley Glasses ANSI Certified?
2. What Oakley Glasses are Safety Rated?
3. Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses
- Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI Glasses
- Oakley Shocktube
- Oakley Industrial M Frame 2.0
- Oakley Industrial Tombstone Spoil ANSI Glasses

Most any Oakley sport sunglass lenses meet or exceed standard safety ratings. However, not all of the frames pass safety ratings. We are here to clear up the confusion about which frames are specifically ANSI rated. Tyler and Andrew give you a quick look at the top Oakley Safety Glasses in the video below.

Are all Oakley Glasses ANSI Certified?

Although all Oakley authentic lenses meet or exceed Z87.1 standards, not all Oakley frames do. In order for a pair of glasses to pass ANSI certification, the frame and the lenses need to be certified. The majority of Oakley frames are designed for sport purposes and have features that do not make them compliant with ANSI standards.

What Oakley Glasses ARE safety rated?

Oakley saw an opportunity in the industrial realm to perfect and improve safety glasses, and this is why the Oakley ANSI Collection was born. These Oakley Safety glasses are all made of extreme impact resistant material and made for real, dangerous situations that require unbeatable protection. They also meet or exceed the optical standards set forth by ANSI. All of the Oakley Glasses in this guide are ANSI rated.

Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses

At SportRx we can make Oakley safety rated glasses in your prescription. And now we can offer Oakley Authentic safety rated lenses! When we make prescription lenses for a safety rated frame they will be stamped as safety rated lenses. However, we cannot make safety rated lenses for a non-safety rated frame.

Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI Glasses

The Oakley Det Cord is designed to provide the ultimate performance and protection to keep you safe during your most dangerous day on the job. This frame is also available in RX, so if you need a pair of prescription safety glasses, you cannot go wrong with the Oakley Det Cord Industrial ANSI prescription glasses.

Oakley Det Cord

Oakley Det Cord in Matte Black with Clear

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Oakley Det Cord Features:

  • ANSI Z87 certified
  • Lightweight O Matter material that is chemical and impact-resistant for comfort all day long
  • Three point fit that holds lenses into perfect optical alignment
  • Unobtainium nose pads to ensure a no-slip grip, even in wet conditions
  • Anti-fog coating and High Definition Optics provide optical clarity all day long
  • Available in prescription!

Oakley Shocktube

The Shocktube is a recent addition to the Oakley lineup that is quickly gaining popularity. This ballistic frame exceeds ANSI standards, making it perfect for any industrial work-related needs. Like the Det Cord, the Shocktube is also available with custom prescription lenses.

Oakley SI Shocktube

Oakley Shocktube in Polished Black with PRIZM Black

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Oakley Shocktube Features:

  • Meets MIL PRF 32432 standards which also make it ANSI Z87 compliant
  • Hex key included for lens interchangeability
  • Unobtanium nosepads for added grip and better fit
  • Sleek temple tips to fit under hats, hard hats, or helmets
  • Available in prescription!

Oakley Industrial M Frame 2.0

These glasses were designed with coverage and protection for industrial life. Grip where you need it and protection everywhere else make the M Frame 2.0 a great pair of safety glasses. These are not available in rx but the Det Cord and Shocktube are.

Oakley M Frame 2.0

Oakley M Frame 2.0 in Matte Black Grey

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Oakley M Frame 2.0 Features:

  • ANSI Z87 certified
  • Impact-resistant O Matter frame construction
  • HDO(High Definition Optics) gives you ultimate clarity
  • Oakley's Three-point Fit system guarantees a comfortable fit that can be worn for hours on end
  • Unobtanium on all contact points keep the frames from slipping

Oakley Industrial Tombstone Spoil ANSI Glasses

With a focus on solving common problems many safety glasses put forth such as low clarity, difficult lens interchangeability and minimized field of view. Oakley set out to design the Tombstone safety glasses in order to put all of these problems to rest. Although these Oakley glasses are designed to protect you from all of the industrial madness that may be thrown your way, the Tombstone was also made with the avid shooter in mind.

Oakley Tombstone Spoil

Oakley Industrial Tombstone Spoil ANSI in Matte Black Clear

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Oakley Tombstone Features:

  • ANSI-Z87 certified
  • 120 degrees of vision, which extends peripheral view enabling shooters to easily acquire a maximized field of view
  • Switchlock Quick Lens Exchange, a single release trigger that allows for easy lens switching while avoiding fingerprints being placed on the lens
  • Thin temple arms allow for maximum compatibility with over-ear hearing protection
  • Unobtanium nose pad to ensure a no-slip grip that will stay put even when you sweat

Oakley Prescription Safety Glasses Online at SportRx!

If you are looking for Oakley Safety Glasses that meet and exceed national standards, you can't go wrong with any pair of glasses from the Oakley ANSI collection. If you have any questions about ANSI stamped safety glasses, what the regulations mean, and how we can make custom rx glasses for you, contact us! We are here for all of your safety glasses needs.

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