There is a new Oakley Flak on the block! A warm welcome to the Flak Draft!! The Flak Draft has a similar fit and look to the extremely popular Flak 2.0. So with a newbie coming in, you're probably wondering what are the differences between the Oakley Flak Draft vs Flak 2.0? We have all the information you are looking for.


We can definitely see some family resemblance between the Flak Draft and Flak 2.0. The biggest resemblances are the frame size and style. The major difference of Oakley Flak Draft vs Flak 2.0: Interchangeable Lenses! The Draft has a trigger system and when unlocked, the lenses will come out easily. So if you are looking for fast and frequent lens changes, the Flak Draft is an unbeatable choice.




Oakley Flak Draft is ready for performance and style. If you're over spending too much time and struggling to switch out your lenses, the Flak Draft single release trigger will offer rapid lens exchanges. As well as being constructed for top versatility, these frames have many other great features. The integrated frame ventilation will prevent any fogging and keep your vision clear. Flak Drafts O Matter stress-resistant frame material make these sunglasses lightweight, durable, and ready for all-day comfort and protection. Speaking of protection, the Flak Draft Plutonite Lenses filter out 100% of all UVA/B/C and any harmful blue light up to 400nm. Oakley Flak Draft will even perform well during perspiration activities thanks to the Ubnobtanium earsocks and nosepads to provide a secure grip.


  • Lens Width: 67 mm
  • Lens Height: 39 mm
  • Temple: 114 mm
  • Bridge: 6 mm



Oakley Flak 2.0


The Flak Draft had to inherit all those great features from somewhere! The Flak 2.0 is one of Oakley's most popular performance frames. Flak 2.0 enhanced lens coverage extends your peripheral view to improve protection against sun, wind, and impact while Oakley's patented High Definition Optics provides superior optical clarity and razor-sharp vision. Flak 2.0 is made with O-Matter stress-resistant frame material making these frames both lightweight and durable for all-day comfort and protection. Just as the Flak Draft, the Flak 2.0 also has Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads keep glasses in place, increasing grip despite perspiration.


  • Lens Width: 59 mm
  • Lens Heigth: 38 mm
  • Temple: 132 mm
  • Bridge: 12 mm


As you can see, both the Oakley Flak Draft and Flak 2.0 are beyond satisfactory options. Your last question is probably, "where can I get some prescription Oakley Sunglasses?" Well look no further, because here at SportRx we will help you find the perfect sunglasses for you and even custom tailor them to your optical needs! Contact us and talk to one of our expert opticians to answer all your questions about prescription sunglasses!