Oakley Eyeshades Le Tour de France Special Edition

Oakley Eyeshades Le Tour de France Oakley Eyeshades Le Tour de France

Check out the unboxing of the Special Edition Le Tour de France Oakley Eyeshades - the first pair of sport sunglasses ever invented. Oakley was the first company to design sports performance sunglasses.

There was no such thing as sport sunglasses until Oakley founder, Jim Jannard, needed some shades while driving to block out the rays of the sun and he took apart Oakley motocross goggles, making them into cool shades. The all new Le Tour de France collection has arrived with a new color. White frames with a Le Tour de France insignia! These hot new shades are equipped with Oakley’s most popular lenses, Black Iridium. You can find Le Tour de France etched right into the lenses and the old school Oakley logo.

If you're a fan of Le Tour de France, show your support with your very own pair of the Special Edition Le Tour de France Eyeshades. Hurry! They’re going fast. With your amazing purchase, you’ll receive a Le Tour de France custom eyeglass bag that represents the yellow, green, and climbers polka dot jerseys to. Need hook temples? We’ve you covered with easy interchangeable parts. Even if you prefer to ride in other cycling sunglasses like Oakley Racking Jackets or Radars, you can rock these shades to get the retro nostalgic feel! Pay homage back to the old school and represent with the all new re-release of the original Oakley eyeshades. If you like Oakley and cycling, you'll love these shades. See if you can spot anyone rocking them during the Le Tour de France. Any questions feel free to contact SportRx!