Whether you're looking at one or all three of these versatile Nike sunglasses, it's easy to understand why they often get confused. Upon first glance, they all look remarkably similar, but they do indeed have their differences. Join us at SportRx as we do a frame comparison of the Nike Dash vs. Rabid 2 vs. Adrenaline 2 sunglasses!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. Similarities
1. Frame
2. Lenses
C. Differences
1. Nike Dash
2. Nike Rabid 2
3. Nike Adrenaline 2
4. Size Comparison Chart
D. Nike Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

Video Review

Tune in here with Eyeglass Tyler as he covers all the frames in this video review.


Let's get started with the similarities between these three Nike sunglasses. We'll look at both the frame and lenses to see what all of these sunglasses have in common.

The Frame

Visually speaking, it's quite easy to see why we get so many questions on how to tell these frames apart. They all look quite similar! We're getting an 8-base wrap and lightweight nylon construction on each frame. A minimalist design creates clean lines that comfortably contour the face. You'll receive excellent sun protection & wide peripheral vision.

As we look at the temples, you'll find high-tension hinges for just the right amount of grip. The bent temples create comfortable wear and are finished off with texturized lines to direct sweat away from the frame and provide a secure fit.

The Lenses

As for the lenses, all three frames have a rectangular lens that contours your face thanks to the wrap design. Each is available with Nike Max Optics lenses that provide superior clarity and contrast.

If you wear prescription, select from SportRx custom lenses to create prescription Nike sunglasses.


Now that we understand how these Nike frames are similar, let's take a look at their differences.

The biggest difference? Sizing. Each of these Nike sunglasses cover a specific size range. We'll review the frame and lens measurements of each style so you can pick the best fit for you. We'll work smallest to largest, starting with the Nike Dash.

Nike Dash

The smallest of all three, the Nike Dash is an excellent option for youth or adults with petite faces. See the measurements just below the frame.

nike dash sunglasses in black with grey silver lenses

Nike Dash in Black/Volt with Grey Silver Flash Lenses

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Nike Dash Measurements

  • SportRx Frame Width (What is SFW?): 121mm
  • Youth: Medium, Men's: Extra-Small, Women's: Small
  • Bridge: 13
  • Lens Height: 34
  • Lens Width: 58
  • Temple Length: 118

Nike Rabid 2

A true mid-size frame, the Nike Rabid 2 fits well on most women and is considered a men's medium.

nike sunglasses comparison featuring the rabid 2 sunglasses in matte dark grey with purple lenses

Nike Rabid 2 in Matte Dark Grey with Purple Grey Violet Lenses

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Nike Rabid 2 Measurements

  • SFW: 132mm
  • Men's: Medium, Women's: Medium to Large
  • Bridge: 15
  • Lens Height: 37.6
  • Lens Width: 64
  • Temple Length: 135

Nike Adrenaline 2

The largest frame in our Nike sunglasses comparison, the Nike Adrenaline 2 comes in with an SFW of 136mm.

nike adrenaline 2 sunglasses in matte black with infrared lenses

Nike Adrenaline 2 in Matte Black/White with Infrared Lenses

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Nike Adrenaline 2 Measurements

  • SFW: 136mm
  • Men's: Large, Women's: Large
  • Bridge: 15
  • Lens Height: 40.5
  • Lens Width: 66
  • Temple Length: 135

Size Comparison Chart

For a Nike size comparison at a glance, take a look at the measurements of each frame below. This collection of styles covers a generous size range, meaning a fit for the whole family!

*All measurements are in millimeters.

Nike FrameSportRx Frame Width BridgeLens HeightLens WidthTemple Length
Rabid 21321537.6 64135
Adrenaline 21361540.566135

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