Welcome the New 2017 Oakley Collection: Sunglasses and Glasses

As 2017 unfolds, Oakley has released its new and unique sunglasses & eyeglasses collection. The Oakley team have launched a number of new Oakley products in both the active & lifestyle collections. Shop 2017 Oakley sunglasses to see why Oakley has once again surpassed all goals to enhance comfortability, performance, and visibility.

Hold Out

Inspired by the bold shape of Oakley Hold On sunglasses, the Hold Out Oakley sunglasses provide an even better athletic performance while incorporating all of Hold On's unique curves. The Hold Out sunglasses contains Oakley’s proprietary O Matter to withstand the demand of an active lifestyle. With a curved temple and curvy style, the Hold Out Oakley sunglasses provides a creative feminine style that has excellent coverage. Looking for glasses to give to a girlfriend, mom, or friend? Then you can’t go wrong with the 2017 Oakley Hold Out sunglasses.


Oakley Hold Out Prescription Sunglasses


Hold Out Features:

  • Oakley’s proprietary O Matter for durable sunglasses
  • Three point Fit system for perfect fit
  • Oakley’s Patented Unobtanium nose pads
  • Metal Icon accents


Flak Beta

Oakley has again added to the Flak collection with the Flak Beta models. This pair of Flak Oakley sunglasses takes on a whole new level of creativity & style with its interchangeable lens design. These Oakley prescription sunglasses have the ability to adapt to many different environments & lighting conditions, while still providing a high level of comfort and visibility.


Oakley Flak Beta Prescription Sunglasses


Flak Beta Features

  • O Matter frame material for comfort and stress resistant
  • Unobtanium Nosepads for a better grip on your face
  • Three point fit system alignment
  • Metal Icon Accents

Flak Draft

If you are in need of versatile prescription sport Oakley sunglasses that have a single release trigger to make lens changing quick & easy, then the Flak Drafts are the ones for you. Inspired by Oakley’s Speed Jacket models, the Flak Draft’s have a unique design to optimize the coverage & support for the sunglasses. Also, Oakley’s design team integrated ventilation in the lenses to fight the fog build up. Overall if you are looking for sunglasses that perform well in multi sports and an active lifestyle then the Flak Drafts are the perfect pair of prescription Oakley sunglasses.


Oakley Flak Draft


Flak Draft Features:

  • Lightweight, stress resistant O Matter material
  • Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads to increase grip
  • Three-Point fit system for precise alignment
  • Metal Icon Accents

Drop Point

Designed with sculptural angles and an integrated CAM hinge, the Oakley Drop Point have started to become a new favorite. A single release trigger for the lenses and anti-fog ventilation, the Drop Point have brought much more clarity to a pair of prescription sunglasses. With Oakley’s Three-point fit system, Unobtainium earsocks & nosepads, and Oakley’s proprietary O Matter, comfort will exceed all expectations and style will still be consistent with what you are looking for in Oakley sunglasses.


Oakley Drop Point Prescription Sunglasses


Drop Point Features:

  • Oakley’s Proprietary O Matter
  • Oakley’s patented Unobtanium nosepads and earsocks for better grip
  • Three-Point fit system for optical alignment, comfort, and performance
  • Metal Icon Accents
  • Integrated CAM hinge


Double Edge

Oakley’s design team used large wrap rectangular lens shape and sharp angles to create the Double Edge sunglasses. This design approach to the Double Edge creates an expanded field of view that goes perfect with hats, and it suits people with medium to larger faces. The Oakley sunglasses have an integrated CAM hinge, Three-point fit system, and Oakley’s proprietary O Matter, to provide the best performance & visibility.


Oakley Double Edge Prescription Sunglasses


Double Edge Features:

  • Large high wrap rectangular lens shape
  • O Matter frame material
  • Three-Point Fit system
  • Unobtainium nosepads to increase grip with perspiration
  • Frame suitable for medium to large faces
  • Integrated Metal Icon Accents


Crossrange R

The new 2017 Oakley Crossrange R is an exceptional choice for someone who is always on the move and needs sunglasses that can be as versatile as them. Crossrange R sunglasses have interchangeable temples and nosepads that allow the user to close the gap between their lifestyle, look, & active interests. These Oakley prescription sunglasses are becoming a hot commodity at Sport Rx and soon they will be everywhere.


Oakley Crossrange R Prescription Sunglasses


Crossrange R Features:

  • Integrated CAM hinge
  • 6 Base lens for wider prescription range
  • Iconic Oakley lifestyle lens shape
  • Proprietary O Matter material
  • Unobtanium earsocks and nosepads increase grip w/perspiration
  • Frame suitable for medium-larger faces


Gauge 3.1

This pair of Oakley eyeglasses features a transistor TI hinge to provide strength, function, and flexibility. The Gauge 3.1 Oakley eyeglasses have a sophisticated look that makes a strong first impression. If you are looking for smooth, refined rimless design with lightweight beta titanium for the rim then the Gauge 3.1’s prescription eyeglasses are the ones for you.


Oakley Gauge 3.1

Gauge 3.1 Features:

  • Lightweight, durable Beta titanium
  • Rimless Frame
  • 4 Base lens allows for wider prescription range
  • Transistor TI Hinge
  • Air filled clear O Matter nosepads
  • Two Sizes 52/54


Gauge 5.1

The Gauge 5.1 eyeglasses of the Gauge collection have a sophisticated style and an innovated design with mono shock hinges. These prescription eyeglasses deliver a seamless look with its semi rim wire frame that is guaranteed to provide you with a strong & durable pair of Oakley eyeglasses. This pair of eyeglasses is an exceptional choice for any man because of its sculptured temple & lightweight titanium.


Oakley Gauge 5.1 Prescription Sunglasses


Gauge 5.1 Features:

  • Constructed of lightweight, durable titanium
  • Semi-rim frame
  • Unobtanium earsocks for no slip grip
  • Air filled clear O Matter nosepads
  • Mono Shock hinge
  • 4 Base lens for wider prescription range


Gauge 7.1

Part of the Gauge collection, the Gauge 7.1 model eyeglasses takes on a new unique design to make the Gauge collection cooler. With a combination of O Matter & C-5 alloy, Oakley’s team was able to design a bolder pair of eyeglasses to allow for better comfort and support. Also with its advanced mono shock hinge and TruBridge technology you are able to customize the Oakley Gauge 7.1 prescription sunglasses to fit you perfectly.


Oakley Gauge 7.1 Prescription Sunglasses


Gauge 7.1 Features:

  • Constructed of lightweight, durable O Matter
  • Lightweight C5 temples
  • New O Matter TruBridge interchangeable nosepads (comes in 4 different sizes)
  • Three-Point fit system for precise alignment
  • 4 base lens that allows for wider prescription


Latch SS

If you are looking for a pair of resourceful Oakley eyeglasses that can perform many functions then the Latch SS models are the ones for you. With its interchangeable TruBdrige nosepads and interior kick-up feature that allows you to clip the eyeglasses to your shirt, these eyeglasses were made to reach all demographics. Whether you are wearing this out at the office or at lunch, you can count on the Latch SS Oakley sunglasses to provide great support, comfort, and much more.
Oakley Latch SS Prescription Sunglasses


Latch SS Features:

  • Unisex lifestyle
  • Lightweight, durable O Matter for the material
  • Wire core temples for adjustability
  • Three-Point fit system for comfort and performance
  • Wider prescription range with 4 base lens
  • New O Matter TruBridge interchangeable nosepads (comes in 4 different sizes)


Latch EX

Created for all genders, the Latch EX Oakley eyeglasses have bridged the gap between style and performance. Combined with Oakley’s patented technologies & design the Latch EX eyeglasses bring a higher level of comfort and versatility. If you are looking for eyeglasses that can withstand your lifestyle without compromising your personal look, then the Latch EX prescription Oakley sunglasses are the ones for you.


Oakley Latch EX Prescription Sunglasses

Latch EX Features:

  • Latch mechanism hinge
  • Frame made of durable O Matter
  • Unobtainium earsocks for no slip grip
  • Wire core temple for adjustability
  • Three-point fit for alignment and comfort
  • Interchangeable nosepads made of O Matter TruBridge technology


Crosslink 0.5

As a new addition to the Crosslink collection, the Oakley Crosslink 0.5 eyeglasses have established a new modern style. The Crosslink 0.5 prescription eyeglasses use a mix of new materials and design to add to this awesome collection. If you are in need of prescription eyeglasses that are a updated with new technologies, design, and features then order the Crosslink 0.5 Oakley prescription sunglasses.

Oakley Crosslink 0.5 Prescription Sunglasses

Crosslink 0.5 Features:

  • Frame constructed w/ utralight C5 material
  • Semi-rim frame
  • Air filled O Matter nosepads
  • Unobtainium earsocks
  • Interchangeable Crosslink Hinge
  • Unique Temple design

Crosslink High Power

The Crosslink High Power 2017 Oakley eyeglasses are a great choice if you are looking for power eyeglasses that can handle any prescription without compromising your style. Inspired by the popular Crosslink collection, the Crosslink High Power features similar aesthetics to previous models with a unique temple design and flatter frame design for a tighter fit.


Oakley Crosslink High Power


Crosslink High Power Features:

  • Constructed of lightweight, durable O Matter
  • TruBridge interchangeable nosepads for customize fit
  • Adjustable wire core temples
  • Unobtainium earsocks for no slip grip
  • 4 Base lens allows for wide prescription range
  • Threepoint Fit system for perfect alignment
  • Extension of the Crosslink collection with a High Minus alternative for -6.00 or higher prescriptions


Airdrop MNP

The Oakley design team has added to the popular collection Airdrop with the release of the Airdrop MNP eyeglasses. Airdrop MNP Oakley eyeglasses have the same great features as the previous #1 seller, except these prescription eyeglasses have new TruBridge technology to customize your fit. These versatile Oakley eyeglasses have an updated look and are ready to take on your lifestyle.

2017 Oakley Airdrop MNP Prescription Sunglasses

Airdrop MNP Features:

  • Frame constructed of Oakley’s proprietary O Matter
  • Adjustable wire core temple
  • Interchangeable nosepads and ellipse icon
  • Increased B lens height
  • Pinned Cam hinge
  • Unobtainium earsocks



If you are looking for a pair of classic Oakley prescription eyeglasses with a look that seems to never go out of style then the Oakley Frogskins eyeglasses are the ones. Oakley’s most iconic eyeglasses feature their new Eclipse coloration with a unisex styling. These special edition Frogskin prescription eyeglasses are hot commodities in the 2017 Oakley world, so get yours as soon as possible.

Oakley Frogskins Prescription Sunglasses

Frogskin Features:

  • Faux sculptured keyhole bridge
  • Frame suitable to small to medium faces
  • 4 base lens allows for wide prescription range
  • Unisex Lifestyle
  • Frame made up of lightweight, durable O Matter

Prescription Oakley Eyewear Online at SportRx

It’s easy to say each pair of 2017 Oakley sunglasses or 2017 Oakley eyeglasses in the new campaign has a new unique design or feature that has surpassed all its goals. In respect to comfortability, performance, design, and technologies all the Oakley sunglasses have reached new heights and will only continue to grow. It’s easy to find the perfect pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses that will meet the standards of your vision, lifestyle, and overall goals. You can shop Oakley eyewear online here at Sport RX. For any prescription requests or needs visit us at Sport Rx and we would love to help you find those perfect pair of sunglasses to customize them to your every need.


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