Picking out your new Costa Sunglasses, but can't decide if you should get mirror or non-mirror lenses? Our team at SportRx will help bring some...clarity. Check out when we compared the different lenses.

Costa sunglasses, in general, are crafted for life on the water. They are built with optical technology to provide an optimized clear vision and also protection in the world's harshest elements. The sunglasses are 100% UV protection and will protect your eyes from any harmful rays. With such high quality and protection, Costa sunglasses are no longer being used just for fishing. These sunglasses have gained popularity in all outdoor activity and sports.

Non-Mirror Lenses

Both the Costa Mirror and non-Mirror lenses will provide you with top-notch quality sunglasses. The biggest deciding factor is your personal preference in ascetic appeal. The Costa non-Mirror lens is a great option and very versatile. These lenses are perfect for an all-around pair of sunglasses. If you are looking for sunglasses for driving around, relaxing at the beach, and every day life, look no further! You can get non-mirror lenses in copper and gray.
Costa Baffin

Costa Baffin in the net grey with 580G gray lenses

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Mirror Lenses

Costa Mirror Sunglasses are like adding an extra layer of protection to your sunglasses. If you are the kind of person who lives in a bright sunny climate, these sunglasses will be a mirror-icle. Costa Mirror sunglasses will reflect light and reduce glares. On the water, the mirror lens will also help you see fish better. Costa mirrored lenses are made through a high-tech beam ion deposition process. This process makes the lenses the most scratch resistant available. The Mirror lens comes in four colors: Copper Silver, Sunrise Silver, Green, Gray Silver and blue.
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Prescription Costa Sunglasses Online at SportRx

With their high technology eye protection and trendy style, Costa Sunglasses are perfect for any sunny out door activity, especially on the water. At SportRx, Costa Sunglasses can be customized to your prescription in both mirror and non-mirror lenses. Ready to make your decision? An optician at SportRx will help you find the perfect pair of Prescription Costa Sunglasses.