Have you ever been willing to pay one price for a product, but by the time you checkout it's another? We know the feeling—and we want to get rid of that sticker shock by helping you decide ahead of time which features are worth adding to your glasses. So, is anti-reflective coating a gimmick, or a valuable asset to any pair of glasses? Stick around as we go over some pros and cons so you can confidently conclude whether or not anti-reflective is worth adding to your glasses.

Table of Contents

1. Is Anti-Reflective Worth it?
2. Pros & Cons of Anti-Reflective
3. How Long Does an Anti-Reflective Coating Last?
4. Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

Not into reading? Watch as Eyeglass Tyler delivers an optician's perspective on whether or not anti-reflective coatings are worth it.

Is Anti-Reflective Worth it?

The short answer? Yes! Eyeglass Tyler explains AR coating as a tool that "Minimizes the problem of having something between your eye and the thing you're looking at." There are benefits both optically and cosmetically to AR coating you simply don't want to miss out on.

Pros & Cons of Anti-Reflective

Since anti-reflective coatings minimize glare and reflection, they give you better overall optical clarity. So much more light is able to make it to your eye without that annoying glare interference; which is, unfortunately, almost everywhere. In addition to bolstering your vision, AR coating allows people to actually see your eyes when you're wearing glasses—which is ideal in most cases, but especially if you're in photos.

AR coatings are not all created equal. As with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for and a cheap coating simply won't be as durable or scratch resistant as a quality coating. Glasses with AR coating also require you to be more mindful with care, as they can get damaged or cracked in a hot car (Sunglass Rob says never to leave any glasses in a hot car, coating or otherwise).

How Long Does an Anti-Reflective Coating Last?

Our friendly opticians want to clear up this FAQ for you. At SportRx, we use an advanced AR coating that is scratch resistant, hydrophobic, and oleophobic. With proper care our coatings last at least 2 years; in general, you'll want a new coating applied when it's time to update your prescription.

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