Learning to throw harder is appealing for every baseball player whether you are a pitcher, infielder, or outfielder. More strength in throwing is beneficial for every position. For a pitcher, throwing the ball faster will increase pitching speed. For infielders and outfielders, throwing harder will result in getting more people out. Acquiring this skill requires lots of hard work and dedication, but it is achievable. We have made a list of two drills that, if practiced, will help to throw the baseball harder. Keep reading to learn about these two drills!

1. Backside Leg Hop

For this drill, get into a balance point of pitching stance. Then, hop forward on your right side three times without lowering on your left side and then on the third one explode, jump forward and make a throw. It is important to lead with your front hip instead of your knees or hips. This will increase your stability when you throw the ball. This drill is easily incorporated into a throwing routine. Practicing this drill frequently will show results.

Backside leg hop

2. Explosive Weight Transfers

Place your front foot at a 45-degree angle, in a position as if you just threw. Start with the ball in your glove then rock forward then rock back, raise your front foot forward then finish and follow your throw. Using your full body, as you do in this drill, will put more power into your throw. This will increase the force you throw with and incorporate leg strength into the throw.

Explosive weight transfers


Practicing is the most important component to improvement and real results. These drills will be much more beneficial if you practice either of these drills for thirty minutes a day. Additionally, strength is important to improve throwing. Adding strength workouts into your routine will help significantly.