So you got yourself some sunglasses and you're wondering if they're polarized, right? Well, you've come to the right place! Read on and watch the video below and see for yourself just how to tell if your sunglasses are polarized.

Tune in here with Eyeglass Tyler as he shows you how to test your sunglasses at home.

How to Tell if Your Sunglasses are Polarized

The easiest way to discover whether your sunglasses are polarized or not is to put them in front of a computer or phone screen. The method used here is to hold your sunglasses in front of you, look through the lenses, and rotate the frame 90 degrees. You'll find, if you have a polarized lens, the display through the lens gets darker. If they are not polarized, the screen will not change color or get darker. Essentially that’s the easiest and fastest way to see whether your lenses are polarized or not.

There is another option that can be used on bright sunny days. Look through your lenses the same way, with that 90 degree tilt but towards the asphalt, water, or a car's windshield, you'll notice if the lenses get darker or not as well. This method is used best anywhere glare bounces off because polarized lenses are what help cut that glare from going through the lens.

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