Soccer is the most popular sport worldwide. It is a fun way for children to be active and spend time with their friends. However, soccer is a contact sport and injuries can happen. Have you ever thought about how to protect your child when playing active sports? Read more to learn how to keep them safe from injury while playing soccer.

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Get the Right Gear

There are several important pieces of gear you should or consider to purchase before your child begins to play soccer. Here is a list of the kid's soccer essentials :

  • Soccer cleats: Cleats are important to prevent slipping. Be sure to purchase cleats that are comfortable and fit properly. Also, remember to tie them enough each time your kids wear.
  • Shinguards: Shinguards are used to protect lower legs from injury if they are kicked or hit by the ball or other kid's. Shinguards with ankle guards are optional but recommended for extra protection.
  • Soccer socks: Soccer socks are long socks that should be pulled up to the bottom of the knee. They are necessary to keep the shinguards securely in place.
  • Sports glasses : Eye injuries are common in soccer. Sports glasses protect your child's eyes when they are hit by the ball or another player. They can also be purchased with prescription or UV protection to protect from sun damage.
  • Headgear : Soccer is one of active sports with the highest percentage of concussions. Headgear lessens the impact of heading the ball and getting hit.

Tips For Playing

  • Make sure your child always warms up enough. Stretching before playing gets their muscles prepared for the activity. Also, it decreases the risk of muscle strains.
  • Ensure your child learns how to properly tackle, pass, shoot, and head the ball. Knowing the proper techniques will not only protect them but also make them be better soccer players.
  • Inform your child of the rules and regulations of the game to prevent unsafe playing.
  • Make sure your child cools down after playing. Their muscles endure intense physical activity and need to be stretched and be relaxed.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Kids Sports Glasses at SportRx

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