If you've got a taste for thrill and a hankering for some fresh air, the world of outdoor racquetball is calling your name. Outdoor racquetball enforces the same rules as indoor but with an attitude all on its own. So challenge tradition and hang with us while we tell you how to play outdoor racquetball.

Rules & Equipment

When it comes to the rules and equipment for outdoor racquetball, it's short and sweet - they're the same as the indoor variation. But, don't worry! If you need a refresher, find out how to play racquetball and even what equipment you need in our info-packed guides. They'll explain everything from what type of eyewear you need, to how you win a rally.

Court Specifications

The court specifications for outdoor racquetball are as follows: there are none! There's no official size for an outdoor court - you simply play whatever is provided. Because of this, the exact placement of the side and back lines vary and you won't find a receiving line.

Outdoor Elements

A big part of what makes outdoor racquetball so unique are the forces of nature. The wind is not considered a hindrance, but a match can be moved or delayed due to rain or snow because of the safety hazard.

Ideally, an outdoor racquetball tournament is held on a sparkling, sunny day. It's more of a social setting than an indoor tournament, and shirts are optional! Sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen take the place of eye guards, sweatbands, and squeaky shoes. The great outdoors also draw larger crowds, so the players have more opportunities to interact with them.

Outdoor Racquetball Players

Despite the laid-back atmosphere of outdoor racquetball, WOR (world outdoor racquetball) players are some of the best competitors out there. Because there's no back wall and often no side walls either, their movements have to be more precise and controlled to keep the ball in the game.

These athletes aren't deterred by solid concrete - they still dive for the ball and maintain the speed and power of the indoor variation. WOR players adapt to varying courts, weather, and crowds, ultimately sharpening skills that complement their indoor game, too. This is why many of the world's top indoor racquetball players insist on training outside; they learn to not rely on a back wall and they get to drink in the sun while doing it.

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