You've made the (frankly wise) decision to buy glasses from us, but when checking out you notice you need to provide your pupil distance, or PD, measurement. Where do you even get that? Stick around as we go over different ways to find your PD.

Table of Contents

1. Can I do it Myself?
2. How to Obtain my PD
3. How do I Measure My Pupil Distance?
4. Prescription Glasses at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler answers the questions of how and where to get your PD measurement, as well as steps to take on your own to ensure it's as accurate as possible. You want your glasses to be comfortable, after all!

Can I do it Myself?

While it is technically possible to measure your PD yourself, it should only be something you do after you've exhausted your other options. A PD is difficult to measure accurately on your own, so we'll suggest some other ways to find it first.

One other thing Tyler notes is that you should not have to pay to get your PD measured. If an optician is asking for money for just the PD, walk away. It takes about 5 seconds to measure a PD with the right tools, so in Tyler's opinion it's extortion to charge money.

How to Obtain My PD

Before you try measuring it at home, you have the following options:

  1. Reach out to the last place that made glasses for you. Your PD is something every place needs to make prescription lenses, and if you've gotten glasses with that measurement before you'll already know if it's correct.
  2. Call your eye doctor. They don't always take your PD since it's not part of a typical eye exam, but sometimes this will yield results.
  3. Check your old prescriptions. It may be written on the prescription somewhere. The nice thing about using an old PD measurement is that it doesn't change once you become an adult, so if you have an old measurement it will probably still be accurate.
  4. Last but not least, check old eyewear receipts as it could even be written down on there. Tyler notes that Costco especially tends to write your PD on your receipts.

How do I Measure My Pupil Distance?

We've given you alternatives, but after all, the title of this blog is about measuring your PD yourself. So if you're out of options, here are some tips to get the most accurate measurement possible.

  • Grab a friend! Another person helping you will make the measurement more accurate.
  • Place a ruler flat against your forehead and look off into the distance, not at the person measuring you. If you look closer, your eyes will converge and this can change your PD slightly.
  • Align the ruler with the center of each pupil and make note of the correct number. Your PD will always be written in millimeters (mm).

Something else you can do is to place a credit-card-sized object on your forehead and take a picture. Make sure you're facing the camera straight on, not turned to the side, and keep looking in the distance.

Once you send us the photo, we can make it life size and determine the PD ourselves. And that's it!

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