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When it comes to choosing sunglasses online, we often get the question, How do I know which glasses are going to fit me? Well, without trying them on, we can’t be 10000% sure, but we definitely have some tools and guidelines that really help us and almost always work.

Pupillary distance (or PD) is one of the most useful measurements. PD is the distance between the centers (the pupils) of your eyes. Click here for a video on how to measure your pupillary distance. PD is not a perfect indicator of head size, but most of the time, if you have a big PD, you’re probably going to need big glasses. Likewise, if you have a small PD, you’re probably going to need small glasses. Keep in mind that it's not an exact science when it comes to PD predicting fit, especially if your eyes are a little narrower or wider apart than average.

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Nike Siren (small fit)

So what’s considered a big PD or a small PD?
Well for example, I’m 6’ 2”, two hundred and blah-blah pounds, I wear an extra large hat and helmet, so I’m on the bigger side. My PD is about 67mm. That's typically a large or an extra large fit.

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Under Armour Rumble (large fit)

Different sunglass sizes usually fall along these ranges of PDs:
XL/XXL: 68mm+
Large: 63-67mm
Medium: 60-62mm
Small/Medium: 56-59mm

The PD of an average adult male tends to be in the mid 60s, and the PD of an average adult female tends to be in the high 50s to low 60s.

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Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ (large fit)

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